Länssvalan 1998 - nr 2

In the article "Zhineng Qigong improves the health" we can read about a Qigong project for allergy patients and asthmatics. The participants practiced together for about 80 hours during two months. All the participants were tested at the Karolinska hospital before and after the project. Olle Zetterström, senior doctor at the lung and allergy clinic thinks that the participants had good results. He says that patients with this kind of problems usually get worse during the autumn but this time they have improved instead.

Margareta helped with the practical work testing the participants. She noticed that they seemed much happier after the project compared to before.

In the article some of the participants tell about their results, Barbro Forsberg for instance. She has cut down on her asthma medicines. Her eyesight has improved as well.