Helsingborgs Dagblad

In the article, Tjerstin tells us that about 30 people were gathered to attend a basic course in Zhineng Qigong. The majority of the participants had some kind of health problem that western medicine couldn't cure. Su Dongyue held the course together with Lars Hagner who demonstrated the movements. In the article it's stated that Su Dongyue has studied Qigong a long time and that he learned it straight from a master. The fact that he has done several research projects didn't impress Tjerstin. She was not convinced until she saw the Swedish projects with the Asthma- and allergy association and the company health service on Stena Line in Gothenburg.

After the first day Tjerstin was very tired. In the afternoon on the second day, she felt that she could relax more easily. Even though Tjerstin didn't get any concrete improvements from the weekend she says that she will continue to practice every day.