Må Bra 1999:2

In "Må Bra's" article Barbro Forsberg, one of the participants in the project European Zhineng Qigong Center had together with the Asthma- and allergy association, tells about her improvements. When Barbro first came to the project her health was poor. For 15 years she suffered from asthma and in 1992 she was in a traffic accident that made her sick listed due to concussion. In addition she had problems with her balance and she experienced pain. A doctor also stated that she suffered from whiplash. The Qigong-project was a crossroad for Barbro. She noticed health improvements already after some weeks of training. She tells that she never thought she would "make such progress due to Qigong". She has been able to reduce her asthma medicine, she sleeps better, is less stressed and she looks to the future positively. "I've got an inner happiness that I've never experienced before", she tells in the article.