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The teacher Lars Hagner says in a quote: "In the stressful world we live in today we need to find stillness. Qigong can give us that." The article tells that Qigong can change the life situation for people with chronic diseases and pain. This is shown for instance by quoting different participants who tell that the training has helped them to handle their daily lives. Some of them even cut down on medicines.

Zhineng Qigong can improve chronic diseases and reduce pain.

"I'm more tolerant to others, myself and my disease. I've stopped to go through my negative feelings again and again", says Katarina Schmidt.

"My body is straighter and my otherwise heavy mind has turned to a more positive attitude", says Marie Lundberg.

Bjarne Lembke, senior doctor at the school of migraine in Sommarsol in Vejbystrand, is the one who will evaluate the results from the project for the participants with migraine. He tells in the article that he participated himself during the first day of training. Several of the participants had problems going through the whole training pass and they had difficulties raising their arms up. Four weeks later he says like this in the article: "Something has happened. The training was really hard and nobody sat down. I was very sweaty myself."