Nya Wermlands Tidningen

"Nya Wermlands Tidning" presented 6/11 2000 a big article about Zhineng Qigong. A room full of large pictures and a gigantic headline in orange which for sure must have made many readers interested. There's no doubt that the writer of the article listened with full attention to the lecture about the method. He gives a detailed description what it's about and quotes several times the lecturer, Lars Hagner when he tries to explain how the method works.

"Think about a tree with a broken twig. Instead of repairing the twig, like the western medicine would have done with a lung that doesn't function well. Zhineng Qigong gives more power to the tree trunk, the vital functions of the body. If the body as a whole functions well, also the small defects are cured more efficiently," Lars Hagner says.

During the lecture the participants tried the exercise "Pulling Qi" and the reporter experienced a feeling of Qi and describes it like this:

"When I move the hands apart and then back together again I feel a resistance as if I tried to move my hands through some kind of gel" – Robert Andersson.

The article is also about Helén Stenmark Wallner who got a lot of help from Qigong. In the article you can read that her problems with pain in the chest and dizziness have disappeared completely. When she got a feeling of migraine she has been able to take the attack away by practicing Zhineng Qigong. In a quote she says that her dream is now to be able to help other people, to get more people to experience the improvements and the increasing life quality that she has got from Qigong.