Länssvalan 1998 no 2

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Länssvalan no 2 1998. The County Welfare. Zhineng Qigong Improves Your Health. Read about the results from the first Qigong project with Astmatics at "Stockholms läns Astma- Allergiförening" carried through by European Zhineng Qigong Center .

Publishing allowed by Länssvalan and the author of the article. Below follows an English translation of the original article that is written in Swedish and can be downloaded below.

Zhineng Qigong Improves Your Health

Those who practise Zhineng Qigong feel better. They have less pain, get better sleep, are more calm and need less drug treatment. That is the indicated by the evaluation made of the County Association’s Qigong project. The participants of the project numbered between 30 and 40. Not all of them were able to complete it, for various reasons – the evaluation was carried out based on 31 participants. They went through a medical examination at the lung – and allergy clinical department at the Karolinska Hospital both prior to and after the start, and they have also filled in questionnaires. The training began on the fist weekend in October and it was finished on the first weekend in December last year. The participants practised together for four weekends and two evenings a week, totalling more than 80 hours during the two-month period.

A Medical Evaluation

Associate professor Olle Zetterström, director of the lung- and allergy clinic department at KH says in his report that there is a statistically significant increase in FEV1 and FVC and that should be of clinical significance.

What is your general state of health after the project as compared to before the project?

Lars Hagner´s bar chart shows that the Qigong training improved the general state of health of most of the participants.

That is good news because it means, to makes things plain, that Zhineng Qigong training improves the lungs’ functioning. This is also affirmed by nurse Margareta, who carried out the practical work with all the tests, in addition to her regular work at the lung- and allergy department. The Asthma – and Allergy Association sends their heart-felt thanks for her fine contribution.

Remarkable Results

- They looked much happier when they came back after the project than before it started, says nurse Margareta. Practically all of the participants say that they feel better and have less pain, and several of them say that for the first time in a long while they are able to get a full night’s sleep. - It is remarkable that the training has yielded such fine results in spite of the fact that it was carried out during the Autumn, at which time the condition of patients with bronchial conditions usually gets somewhat worse, Olle Zetterström says in his report.

A General Improvement In Health

- After the first weekend of training in October when we learned the movements and especially the arm movements, I felt that my chest was affected in a positive way, says Uta Nettlich. That encouraged me and I decided not to take the asthma medicine that night. For the first four nights I woke up around four a.m. with a lot of phlegm in my lungs and throat, but instead of taking my medicine I stood up and did the arm movements for over half an hour. The phlegm disappeared and I was able to go to sleep again! After four or five nights my nocturnal trouble disappeared and nowadays I´m able to sleep for much longer periods of time. Many of the participants can testify to their health having improved in several ways. Not just when it comes to asthma and allergy, but also other conditions. Gun-Britt Ekholm tells us of how her back pain, which she had for a long time, disappeared during the third weekend of training. Barbro Forsberg, who has suffered from asthma for nearly fifteen years, says that, in addition to finding her vision improved, her asthma has improved to the point where she was able to cut down on her drug treatment, and also that the medication was more effective now than before. Also her whiplash injury has improved, and this is just to mention a few of her improvements. From time to time Maria Bylund had difficulty standing and walking, and it was hardly possible for her to stand without crutches. Nowadays she is able to walk for nearly a kilometre without crutches, and she has also discontinued her asthma drug treatment without any problems.

The Report Is Good News

The examples above are but a tiny part of the good news in the report. The effort cost some money, but when you see what good it did those participants, it seems quite clear that every last Swedish krona was put to good use. If it would be possible to do a follow-up on that report with some kind of continued evaluation and/or some intensified study, maybe we would find even better results.

By Marléne Lilja

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