Qigong Course - Gothenburg

EasyCare - Eyes

Course information:

Country: Sweden
Course type: EasyCare - Eyes
City: Gothenburg
Start date: 2020-01-04
End date: 2020-01-04
Language: Swedish


EasyCare is the name of a family of simple and effective qigong methods developed by Dong-Yue Su. Each individual method aims to cater to a specific body part, for example to eyes, waist, head, etc. while also having holistic benefits for the body. You can conveniently train and combine these methods alongside the activities of busy daily life, as they require only minutes to practice and are not limited by any location. To learn any EasyCare method is easy too – it takes just around an hour. Depending on your own needs and interests, you can flexibly study any one or more EasyCare methods. if you have completed one of our courses, you will be eligible to take this course.


900 SEK
100 SEK to repeat the course.

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