Summer course one Nossebro [2016-06-27]

”Thank you for an amazing course. I am grateful for the method and happy that I have the chance to learn it. Thank you so much for the qi field, thank you to Dongyue Su for his love and patience. Thank you all.”

”I am VERY GRATEFUL for the opportunity to train with European Zhineng Qigong.”

”Thank you for a good course. Amazing course arrangements and organisation, the prompts, the qi field.”

”Everything is so well organized, the training is disciplined and there is a warm, encouraging and healing atmosphere. Thank you for a wonderful course.“

nossebro 2016 group image step1These are some of the appreciative and grateful comments that the participants in our nine-day summer course expressed in the course evaluation. The feeling of harmony and calm that the participants experienced was consistently apparent in the evaluation. Many have praised the organization, the fact that everything has worked so smoothly even though so many people live together in a limited space. Compared to last year, we had a significantly larger number of participants this year. A total of almost 200 people travelled to our course venue in Nossebro in Västergötland, Sweden. As always, most of the participants were from Sweden, Finland and Norway, but qigong students also travelled from the UK and Germany.

An increase in the number of participants means a stronger qi field. The qi field is the most important characteristic of Zhineng Qigong and has a crucial impact on the results that the participants can gain from practising. The main teacher’s gung fu is central for the strength and quality of the qi field. Our main teacher, Dongyue Su, leads our summer courses and shares his wisdom and long experience.

Here are some more comments from the participants:

”I am tremendously grateful for being able to take part in this course. I feel a kind of security and calm that I have missed this spring. Keep doing what you are doing, you strengthen so many people as you go. Together we make a difference!”

”I am very satisfied with the course and I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have made this course possible.”

”Amazing course, I have had good results and feel inspired to continue. World class!”

The figure below shows how large a percentage of the participants have seen improvements in their physical status, energy level and concentration.nossebro 2016 graph

Many experience different kinds of physical and mental improvements as a direct consequence of practising in the strong qi field. You can read some participants’ experiences below.

Happier, stronger and pain disappeared

“I have noticed that many things have happened. I had severe pain in one of my fingers, but that has disappeared completely. I feel happier and more open to the world. Thank you all for a great course.”

“This has been a great course. I am happier, stronger and my body is more supple.”

Blockages have disappeared

“I have had very good results in this course. Many blockages have disappeared from my body, especially in my arms and fingers. I have also seen mental improvements. I am very satisfied with my first course. Thank you very much.”

Improved focus and concentration

“My goal was to improve my focus, my concentration and my awareness, and I have seen results. During the last days I have felt strong qi in my body. I am also very impressed with the sense of togetherness and kindness here. Very nice! Thank you so very much.”

Nice atmosphere at the course

“I feel that both the atmosphere and the way people take care of each other is very special in this course. I am much more supple in body, mind and heart. It feels wonderful. I am quite relaxed and feel happy. I have thought about how to reach more people with this method. It would be great.”nossebro 2016 butterfly

Inner calm and relaxed body

“This is my second summer course. I was driven by car to my first one. I was very sick then. This course is special. My head feels almost cleaned of distracting thoughts, calm, here and now. My body is completely relaxed. I am rehabilitated from head to toe. Much is happening. Qi has become my good friend. I am happy.”

Normal liver values and normal blood sugar level

“In the middle of my 20´s I was told that I got elevated liver values. The cause of this condition was not to be found. After I started practising Zhineng qigong my liver values became normal. A lump on the liver also disappeared. One year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. During the leisure day I was going to a café with my qigong friends. There I ate two cakes and one bottle of lemonade. The next morning, I measured my blood sugar: It was normal!”

Recovered smell and taste and scoliosis disappeared

“My taste of food and smell disappeared three months ago. The sense of taste came back first and I got to taste the good food. And then came the smell so I could feel the linden tree. I have had problems with my back since I was 13 years old, scoliosis. When I visited a physiotherapist not too long ago he said that I no longer have scoliosis. I was stunned- speechless. I am very happy for that.”nossebro 2016 nossan


“A shoulder pain limited my ability to sleep through the night. It was becoming progressively worse. My doctor said:” Painkiller”. My chiropractor said: “Avoid doing the things that hurt”. What kind of advice is that?!! Three days into the Summer Course I woke up pain free from a whole nights uninterrupted sleep.”

Tension in the back is less and tinnitus is gone

“It has been a really nice atmosphere here. I have a physical job and I get tense in the upper part of the back and the arm training in particular felt like it was improving it a lot. It has been very nice to become “free” in the back. I have also had some tinnitus that has disappeared during these days.”

Gene problem in the legs are corrected

“Much is happening. I am carrier of the gene that has caused both my daughter and me to have problems in the legs. Her problem disappeared last year summer course. This is my first summer course and now the same thing happened to me. There has been a misalignment from my knee down to my feet and I have had pain in my knees. Suddenly I can feel that I have a hip. It is as if my body has started living again and I am very glad.”

Iritis and asthma is gone

“Qigong has helped me with iritis. It is something that is in my family. It does not come back. When I notice that it is coming back then I just practise some more. I have had help with my asthma that I no longer get. It has been a powerful course.”nossebro 2016 nackros

Less sleeping problems

“This is my first summer course. I started practising this spring. The reason was that I have had a frozen shoulder and I have hurt the other one. The arm training has been fantastic, but that is not all. It feels like this is the door to something else. The atmosphere is so peaceful. I have big sleeping problems, but here I have been sleeping better. Considering that I am not at home that is an impressive achievement. Thanks.”

Sweating and flushes is gone

“I had to have my uterus removed, the recovery has been a long process. I have had several problems, mostly hormonal, sweating at night and flushes. It has all become a lot better during the course. I have not noticed the flushes for several days and I have not been sweating at night during the course.”


Su Dongyue