Hold Qi Up 2 Kalmar [2016-03-19]

Except from teaching physical details and a way to connect thoughts to the movements we can practise more on this course compared to the basic course. Many of the participants have practised for a while and have achieved great results.

A selection of comments from the participants:


“This was a great course, feels luxury to be here. I had forgotten details in the hold qi up 2 course, the details are precious. I feel I develop in the right direction. Thanks for all the beautiful things.”

“I feel very comfortable, and I had no reactions during the course. On the group training directly after the winter course I felt very dizzy. I had to lie down on the floor, and suddenly a pressure in my chest released. I became euphoric. It was fantastic.”


“Thanks for a great course. I appreciate we can have courses here. I feel safe when we practise.”


“I have a deep feeling of gratefulness. All the help I, my daughter and my husband have received from zhineng qigong.”


“I have been longing for this course. It was great as usual.”

Released Tension

“This was my first level two course. I had a feeling, similar to when you are pregnant and the child starts kicking the stomach, that someone kicked me inside my face. I believe there was some tension released. The course was great.”


“Thanks for a great course. It´s not that easy to understand relaxation when everything is a struggle. Do the best you can and feel pleased.”

Johannes Nordgaard