Hold qi up Training course Pisa Tuscany Italy [2015-09-07]

After having completed the Hold Qi up basic course we continued our lovely week in Villa Ravano with a four day training course. Some of the new participants weren’t registered to the training course from the beginning but all of them registered along the way which suggested they had experienced good results and now wanted more! Many participants discovered during the training course that, in addition to training the body, Zhineng Qigong also trains the mind and replenishes the energy. A strong community feeling was manifested and the atmosphere was relaxed, accommodating and warm. Pretty soon during the stay we found routines and could follow a smooth flow that made the qigong practice extra focused and many left Italy with great results.

Toscana 2015 440px inomhus 2015
Qigong practice in our beautiful trainging hall in Villa Ravano.

Improved balance
”Earlier, when I practiced, I had to peek a lot, otherwise I would be dizzy and wobble. Now I have been able to keep my eyes closed and I am very proud of myself. Thank you for a very nice course!”

Injured arm heals

”I had the bad luck, or good luck depending on how you look at it, to trip and hurt my right arm. Judging by the hemorrhage it is most probably a fracture. I got a challenge to work with for my mind and for my body. I think it works well. I work a lot with my thoughts and I think it progresses. My arm has also started to heal. Thank you for that challenge and thank you for a nice course! I will be back next year!”

Comfortable calm

”It has been a very pleasant and nice week. Luxurious! The training has made me feel much softer in my body and I have developed a comfortable calm. My head, neck, hands and feet have improved. I feel very satisfied with this week.”

Improved ability to concentrate and less pain
”Thank you for a fantastic week here in Tuscany! The problems I have had in my body have become much better. Many things have progressed. It doesn’t hurt as much when I walk. The pain is almost gone altogether. I have noticed that it has been difficult to relax but that too has improved during the week. I can now manage to do the movements slower. It has been a great week in every way!”

Significantly softer body and more brisk and alert than 20 years ago
"I have had more improvements in my neck, throat and back during this course. My singing instrument is being serviced! It was yet again interesting to sing a concert with in some sense a ”new” instrument. I didn't recognize myself but it still went better than the feeling I had before the concert foretold. It was a massive programme that requires a lot of stamina, strength and flexibility but my voice wasn’t tired at all after the concert. This despite of the instrument being so different! I can straighten my fingers much softer and I feel like my shoulder blades are moving better when we do the arm movements. On the whole I think I do the movements better and with more relaxation. And my lower back has improved. This despite that I have probably only rested for 10 or so minutes during this week and despite that the bed has had tendencies towards the spartan. 10-20 years ago I would have had substantial problems with such a work load and bed. I am in significantly better physical shape now than when I was in my twenties! And I am so much more brisk and alert!"


Patrik Rastija

Toscana 2015 440px Villa RavanoVilla Ravano is a tuscan mansion from the beginning of the 16th century close to Pisa.