Training trip Spain [2016-04-23]

Our first training trip to Spain was very appreciated. In the written evaluation where we asked five questions about the trip was the average above 6 on all questions. The scale stretched from 1 to 7 where 7 was very good. Also, everyone answered 7, to that we gladly should arrange more journeys like this.

Below follows an extraction from the written comments which it was also room for in the course evaluation:

"The journey has been amazing in every way. Good set-up of the practise. To practise at the beach was magical! The hotel was good, the location could not have been better. The food was varying, the breakfast very good. Almunecar was a good place. Just enough in every way!"


"Only positive!"

"It's been a super week, I couldn't ask for a better vacation. BOTH holiday and a steady portion of qigong. The qigong practise has been SUPER, such as everything concerning it. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to complain about. Such a lovely start of the day with practise at the beach to the sound of the waves. Wonderful training room with a view of the Mediterranean. Lovely socializing, with only good people. Such LOVE you've lived in all day!"

"It has been a wonderful week here. The excursion was nice, especially Alhambra and the bus ride home through the mountains. Overall the practise and the time here felt easy and comfortable. It's been a soft course, a really nice vacation. Thank you for everything!"

"To start up the day by going down to the beach to practise was a strong experience to bring back home. I also like the variation of practise and free time. I hope to get the chance to come here again."


"I start with the qigong practise which has been amazing. To stand on the beach, hearing the waves and the soft voices of the teachers has been totally magical! I didn't think you could feel so strong with the nature so present. I'm so glad that I decided to go. The practise was divided into three sessions, keep that. The hotel is supergood, fantastic location, wonderful food and nice staff. I can't think of anything that hasn't worked. Exiting to combine holiday and practise. I'm so happy and hope that you get to keep arranging trips."

"The journey had a very good price. And one week is perfect, and a good time of the year. Fantastic to practise on the beach. Superb training room inside too. Strong Qi-field! Overall a super nice and very well arranged trip. Thousand thanks!"

"Heartfelt thanks that I got the privilege to join."

"A very nice hotel. Fantastic location! The rooms fresh and cosy. The staff was friendly and service minded. The food good and a nutritious range. Very good concept with a combination of practise and vacation."

"Thank you, a very nice experience! The combination has been just perfect with practise, free time and space."


"The training hall was fantastic!"

"A great thanks to you for this course. I am very happy. I have really nothing to complain about or to improve. Thank you for this fantastic memory to write in the book of life! Thanks for nice tools for life."

"Super nice trip! The training room at the top was super good. The sound of the ocean/the waves and the beautiful view contributed to the calm. Good to practise in such a nice training space. Just enough amount of practise, good with a pause during the day. Perfect combination of vacation, sun, warmth and relaxing practise! It has given us good insights and has felt like you could keep on practise, relaxing and just enjoying a little more... But I will try to bring back home the feeling of calm and harmony. Well arranged! Thank you!"

In the circular conversation that finishes most of our courses focus was put on what kind of different health-benefits the pfactise and the course had given the participants. Here comes an extraction of the comments:

The Qi-field

"The Qi-field was strong at once. Very strong. Both me and my son has been sick with the flu lately and we were both positively effected by all the Qi."

Enjoy life

"I have been looking forward to practicing a lot. I have enjoyed the practice and has also been practicing enjoying life, when you are not doing the exercises."

Knee pain

"A lot has happened with me this week. My bad knee, I was limbing and thought it should dislocate. But now it is completely recovered!"

Wonderful practise

"I have been working a lot the time before the course. It has been a very nice atmosphere here and I was quickly relaxed. Also I've had good conversation."

De sociala

Happy with myself

"I have spoken to others completely naturally and learned a lot from it. And succeeded to be happy with myself even if I haven't practised as much as I otherwise think I should."

More energy

"After my husband died two years ago I have not been able to practise in a group as before. Here it has worked fantastically well. I have more energy and am very happy."


"I have only participated in basic-courses before. I came here with lumbago and difficult back pain. It's completely recovered now. I also had pain in my knee, have some pain left but it has gotten a lot better. I am very happy."

Strong training

"Amazing, the setup suits me very well. The practise has been very strong. I also need to practise to enjoy life."


"I have gotten a lot of energy, came directly when we started to practise. I also have gotten good and important adjustments. The social is very important and I've had a lot of fun with new friends here."


Needed to ask for help

"I hurt myself on the flights here, my knee dislocated and popped back again. I have not been able to walk, mostly just sit in a wheelchair. It made me ask for help more, which has been very good practise for me. Had to practise to receive. Have gotten so much love and experienced altruism here. The knee has gotten better and better."

A lot physically stronger

"I practise normally only at home. Here I have become a lot physically stronger by the practise. Now I even jump up the stairs. Have also learned to try to be more balanced and not to loose Qi by getting too happy."

Relaxed for the first time in 20 years

"I have practised for 20 years and have also difficult to be calm and relaxed. But now, for the first time, I really feel both relaxed and calm! I can almost keep the pace when we practice together and even enjoy La qi."

Really valuable mentally

"I am more and more relaxed. Mentally it has been very valuable. I get better perspective on what is important in life."

Träning på stranden

Understand more what qigong is

"I have participated in one basic course before and not understood what qigong really is. Now I am beginning to understand what it is all about. And I will keep practising. Have gotten an unbelievable calm that I will try to keep. I want to be more patient, not so short to others. It has been lovely here."

Walk better despite of osteoarthritis

The practise has been wonderful. I have only enjoyed. I've got a growing osteoarthritis in several joints. Here I've gotten less pain and can walk better."

Everything totally fantastic

"Everything has been totally fantastic! I have not practised as much before. Now I will sign up for the Summer Course."


Lars Hagner