Hold qi up Pisa Tuscany [2015-09-04]

15 people went from Sweden to Toscana in Italy to attend the very first Hold Qi Up weekend course that was offered in Villa Ravano, in the beautiful sur- roundings in the outskirts of Pisa in the beginning of September. A perfect balance between new and repeating participants gave good conditions for all to learn and improve the exercise. The results came quickly. Read what some of the participants have to say themselves.

Toscana 2015 ute Patrik 440Qigong practice in Villa Ravano's large tuscan garden.

Can stand on one foot at a time

”I have never come across qigong earlier. In only these few occasions my left shoulder has improved. I am almost pain free, it happened during the qi regula- tion. I can also stand on one foot at a time. That I have not been able to do in a long time due to my hip surgery. That feels great!”

Almost no pain in the back and rehabilitated from fatigue

”I have very quickly been rehabilitated from fatigue, I am back to work full time again. I feel so much better, I am much happier. I am happy! When I attended the first weekend course, I have done three now, I had a lot of pain in my right knee. I had difficulties walking. I had a meniscus- and ligament injury. My knee is fully recovered today and it happened during that first course without me even thinking of it! I was suddenly pain free on Sunday. That was fantastic! Now I work on my posture and my back. I have had a lot of back pain but today I am almost pain free.”

More alert, happier and calmer

”I have had different health improvements since I started practising Zhineng Qi- gong. For example I no longer have back pain and I think I have a straighter posture. I am more alert, happier and calmer. I have a more stable blood pressure and my blood sugar level is more even. It has had a clear impact on my grass pollen allergy. Especially the summer courses have helped me with the allergies. This course I have had pain in different joins, my left wrist, my right shoulder. I have had some trouble concentrating at some points. I think too much but I am working on that.”

Hear, see and feel better

”I have practiced since January this year and want to start to say that it is so great to be here. This place is so suitable for qigong! It is like being part of a saga on a castle and I like that very much. I have a whole new body due to qi- gong. I had a knee injury that improved during a weekend and a lot of things happened after the summer course. I had a genetic defect in my legs that made me pronate and my feet were very strange but it all straightened out. I don’t need glasses any longer and my hearing is better. I almost had no sense of smell before but now I do. And I feel much better.”

The back, neck and throat has straightened out

”This course my neck, throat and left arm have become better. Something is also happening in my right ear and muscles are pulling on my larynx. My trachea and neck has been a little like the leaning tower of Pisa for many years but I can feel how the structures are straightening up and moving around a little. My back has also become straighter and despite that I have been working ex- tremely much of late and also been sitting a lot I am not at the least tired. I am very happy for these results!”

Patrik Rastija

Toscana 2015 440 px traningslokalOur beatiful training hall in Villa Ravano.