Hold Qi Up Hangö [2016-04-02]

In Hangö we have quite a lot of active ’qi-gongers’ who usually take part in EZQ-courses and weekly practises, some regularly, others less frequently. At the LUQ-course this spring there was, unusually, a majority of beginners. The atmosphere was relaxed and the participants well motivated.
A few comments:

Enjoying the practising

”I am SO happy I decide to take part. It has been great to be here. I have been enjoying every movement.”

Old tiredness, new energy

”I came here because I’d heard people talking about calm and slow movements. The first day I experienced an old fatigue. When I got home I slept for half an hour, after that I was full of energy and went for a 6km long walk with the dog. I slept well during the night. Today I can feel it in my body in several places. Practising makes me aware of a lot of different tensions.”

Exhausted back in order

”My back has felt lousy for a week. We’ve just moved and I’ve been packing and carrying things. I trusted the course to make my back OK again, and now I can bend over without any problems. I’m really, really happy!”

Suits me

”I am kinesthetic enough to want a method that is working for me both physically and psychologically. I think this suits me better than goal training. During this course I’ve experienced different sorts of sensations in different parts of my body. I believe in this method.”

A new life through qi gong

”I have achieved quite a new life through qi gong. During my first year I attended every possible course. I had been seriously ill and was on sick leave and returned to my job only to find everything there in a chaos. I was utterly exhausted by the mess. I then made some major changes in my life. Now I have developed on a psychologival level and stayed well in a physical sense.”

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm