Hold Qi Up Molde [2016-04-09]

This weekend course was held in Molde - for the first time. Molde is located on the west coast of Norway and is called the "City of Roses". This weekend the city was dressed in beautiful springtime against a deep blue sea, surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains.
Several of the participants came from the health sector. They got lowered stress levels and became more persevering.
Comments from the course:

More endurance

“This is my first weekend course. For me the slow movements have been challenging, and to cope with La Qi. It has been fine, however. Today I stood for 20 minutes training La Qi. I actually thought it was 10 minutes. It is incredible. I will continue to train Zhineng Qigong.”

Better circulation

“To find peace and focus here without any disturbing elements is good. I felt warm currents in the body during La Qi. I think this will do nicely - both externally and internally.”

Reduced stress

“My mother has recommended Zhineng Qigong, however I was still wary of this weekend course. I coach football and volleyball. I have problems with concentration and want to reduce my stress levels. Therefore, I will try this. I believe that I can manage that.”

“The first time I attended a weekend course Hold Qi Up was in Trondheim in the autumn of 2015. I trained a lot after the course, and I got good effects. Then things happened in my private life that made me fall out. I have trained some La Qi. When I reduced the training, the pain in my back and arms came back. I notice my stress level very well now, and I am learning to reduce stress here.”

Learn to know the method

“I was excited for this course, in which my mother encouraged me to participate. It is nice to get an insight into what Zhineng Qigong is.”

Inner peace

“I have received much help by Zhineng Qigong. My problems with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and migraine are completely absent when I exercise. I get a better version of myself, and find inner peace in a busy day. After the course in Trondheim I've trained a lot and evenly. I am glad for this weekend course in Molde and it is nice to train together.”

Learning new things

“It is nice to be able to come here and stop time. I hasten too often. Here I feel a presence, and I learn new things. Everything fits here.”

Ingrid Tidemann