Hold Qi Up Vasa [2016-02-14]

Satisfied and inspired participants put their mark on the weekend course in Hold Qi Up in Vaasa. On Sunday morning many of them mentioned a night of unusually good sleep and a feeling of improvement in arms or legs that had been causing them trouble. The ones having a cold were also feeling much better on the second day. Here are some comments from the end of the course:

A positive experience

"The course has been a very positive experience. It was exactly what I needed for both body and soul. I haven't been tired at all. On the contrary, I feel refreshed."

Benefits of body regulation

"I have worked on my balance. Because of damage to the ligaments in one of my feet I have been putting my weight mostly on one leg and my body position has become skewed. I can feel this now when I stand straight."


"I have already participated in two other basic courses in Hold Qi Up. I don't practise Qigong because it's fun - hockey is something I play because it's fun. But Qigong gives me an incredible feeling of well-being after practicing and when you exercise regularly it becomes something of a need."

Confidence in qigong

"I have had problems with my stomach and other physical problems that Qigong has helped me with. The moment when practising helped me the most however, was during a time of grief when I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I couldn't take the medicine I was given because of my stomach problems. Qigong is the only cure that I really trust because I know it works."

Fast recovery after an operation

"I have trained for a long time. Last autumn I had a shoulder surgery. I was prescribed physiotherapy as a preparation for the surgery and they told me that my body control was exceptionally good, and after the surgery they were surprised at how quickly I recovered my mobility."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm