Hold Qi Up Suffolk 2016-02-27

For the first time we held the basic course in Hold Qi Up in Halesworth, a small village in Suffolk county.

It was a good idea because we reached some new participants which came from that area of Suffolk. We where quite a big group with about half and half of beginners and repeaters. And as some of the beginners said: "It has been so interesting working together -beginners and repeaters."

Here are som comments from the participants:

Help to get rid of bad habits

"This is my second course. I have been practising independently and in practisinggroups for the last year. The course has helped me to iron out bad habits."

Safe way to practise

"This is my second course and I am so glad I came. This is a gentler way for me to work and it feels very safe. I appreciate that there are local practise groups. It is interesting how hard it can be to do something simple- what the mind thinks and what the body does can be different."


"I have been practising for several years and have been to the summer course , it´s wonderful to come again and recharge. Maybe I should drop my other practices, and just follow one path."

Put you in good stead

"I have been practising for a very long time. If you practise, things work well, it stands you in good stead. It doesn´t let you down but first you have not let yourself down."

Good to find a group to practise with

"This is my first weekend. It is brilliant! I have wanted to find a group and now I have one. I´ve loved it - thank you."


"There is such peacefulness!"

"I´m looking for more discipline. I´ve tried other forms of qigong and yoga - dipped in and out of things. I have found this helpful, peaceful, just learning to stand. I had burning shoulders yesterday but it´s better today. It´s useful with the sytematic approach to the teaching, demonstrating the minutest detail. I want to pursue this. Thank you!"

Insurance for old age

"I´ve been to many courses - here and in Sweden. It gets better and better. It´s my insurance for old age - I know I won´t get sick."

Now I can speak more in public

"I´ve been doing yoga for a long while now but I have come back to qigong and intend to stay with it. I feel lots of differences in myself from practising, for example I can speak more in public now."

Carpel tunnel syndrome gets better with qigong practise

"Thank you to my partner, she was observant and helped me with corrections. I´ve had a carpel tunnel syndrome and if I don´t practise qigong it comes back. I find that I shut my eyes more often in daily life while eating, in concerts, in church and so on.."

Qigong helps with arthritis, aches and emotional ups and downs

"I always learn something new, it gives so much energy and refreshes me. It´s always worth repeating a course - it helps with arthrisis, aches and pains, emotional ups and downs - it is grounding."

Blocked sinuses disapeared

"I have felt calmer this time. I have had blocked sinuses for a week and today I can breathe!"

Got rid of tension

"I have just come back from a lot of travelling so it has been nice to come to this to relax and get rid of all the tension."


Fatima Ringvall