Hold Qi Up Stockholm [2016-02-06]

This year’s first course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm was held at Södergården February 6-7. As usual a mix of people attending, some beginners and others more experienced. All beginners learned fast and several expressed a willingness to continue practising both at home and together with others in our evening groups. Below you will find comments from some of the participants:

Reported sick for a long period

”I have been away from work for a long period due to health problems. That was an important reason for me to attend this course. But I hesitated for a long time. I have difficulty standing up because it hurts. Yesterday evening I had a very special sensation in my feet. They felt warm, like from energy. I will continue to practise and I am somewhat curious about the Summer Course.”

Less sleep

”A thank you to everyone for a splendid course. Qigong helps me in so many ways. Everything is getting better. For example, I need fewer hours of sleep and have yet more energy. Yesterday evening I went to the theatre and went to bed at one in the morning, but got up at five to practise and it went well. I participated in a project lead by the Breast Cancer Association and have been practising every day since 2003”.

A hereditary ailment

”I have been practising for a year. In the beginning I had huge problems with my legs due to a hereditary ailment which affects the angles of the legs. It led to something called ”runner’s knee” (inflammation in the soft tissues around the knee) and frequent inflammations. But I had good results directly after my first weekend course. During the following Summer Course I was able to better relax my legs and suddenly the legs turned into a correct position. It is such a relief to be able to go for walks and go shopping again.”


”My desire is being able to relax and it seems to work. It feels really good to relax. Pressure and strain at work caused fatigue during a period, but I am presently recovering from that. Regarding this course, I think the teachers are good and the set-up is pedagogical. I want to continue practising.”

Attending for the first time

”This was my first time. It has been a good course. It is easy to learn the movements and it will be easy to continue practising.”


”I practise qigong because I have problems in my shoulders, neck and back. I practise to have less pain and more fun in life. Pain affects life in so many ways. When you are in pain it is easier to feel frustration and powerlessness but thanks to qigong I can cope better.”

Delightful to attend a course

”It is delightful to attend a course, nice to get away and practise. I practise a lot at home, but there I cannot get the same peace and calm atmosphere I get here. When I haven’t attended a course for some time, I experience a certain tension in the body. When I then attend a course I can feel how I relax. It is nice to attend courses and you can attend as many as you like.”

Repeat a course

”It is fantastic to repeat the course and to join in the practise. Together we build and fuel our bodies and minds. Thank you.”


”This is my first course. What has struck me most is the calm, the consideration and the warm atmosphere here. I am also amazed that I managed to go through with the course. I don’t feel fit and spry but I am more energetic. I came to the course to find something to practise for a long time ahead. I feel calm.”

Lars Hagner