TuiNa and Weituo Jin Gothenburg [2015-12-10]

Last weekend there was a course in TuiNa and Weituo Jin in Gothenburg. A few ambitious students pinched and practised treatments on each other and thought it was interesting to learn more about acupoints and meridians. To achieve better results in one's treatments, one should train qigong. The exercise Weituo Jin is well suited for this and it aims at building strength and power. The exercise can help all kinds of therapists to gain strength to achieve better results in their treatments but training Weituo Jin can also prevent common occupational injuries among therapists. The students enjoyed the training and it's effects. Here are some of their comments.

Help others

"This was my first time attending both TuiNa and Weituo Jin and learning about TuiNa was very interesting. It also feels good to help other persons who can't or don't have time to train qigong themselves. If those I help get improvements, maybe they understand that qigong is more than physical exercise."

Stronger and more power

"I participated in both TuiNa and Weituo Jin many years ago and specially practised Weituo Jin for maybe 4 years. For some reason I lost the training and when I tried to start over again, I didn't really remember the exercise but I remembered the effects. I remember feeling a lot stronger and as if I had more power – and I like that! So I'm happy I participated on this course."

More power and a meaningful occupation

"I've attended both TuiNa and Weituo Jin before and felt then, just like now, a balancing effect and a bit of a fighting spirit, it's easier to say no and I really need that. This course has been really fun, so different even if the content is the same. I've tried TuiNa on maybe eight people– near and dear. Some of them got effects I'm really pleased with. When I carried out the treatments I first practised Weituo Jin and it worked very well. I got a good reason to practice and something meaningful to do afterwards, I like when people are feeling good. You help others and yourself. It's been fun, with a lot of laughs."

Feeling better after a concussion

"I'm very glad and pleased that I attended this course. I'm also glad I could come here, last week I fell bad and didn't think I would be able to get here. I got a severe concussion, was really nauseas, felt dizzy and couldn’t even practice La Qi. Last weekend I also attended a course, but couldn’t practice much at all, maybe just about half the time. When we practice Weituo Jin I feel a lot happening in my body. Sometimes I feel very clear-minded, it feels powerful. From the very start I've had a strong confidence in qigong and it continues to grow. It seems that whatever happens, it gets easier with this training."

Lungs and sinus improved, could immediately help a relative with TuiNa

"Before I came to this course I've had pains in my lungs for four days. It felt as if I had sand or needles in my lungs. I had also had a chronic sinusitus for some years. During this course a lot of things have happened. It feels like one big healing process to be here. Things have happened with both my lungs and my sinuses. When I've practised our other qigong-exercises I haven't felt Qi, but here I immediately had a strong feeling of Qi. It's been really fun with TuiNa, very interesting. Yesterday I asked my aunt, where I stayed overnight, if I could practice on her, which I could. I asked if she had had any problems. One of her legs hurted from walking all day, something similar to osteoarthritis in her foot. I pinched a point and the pain disappeared immediately! We were both so glad that I asked her if there was something else bothering her. She had problems turning her head in one direction, I pinched a point in the back of her neck and she could at once turn her head a lot more. I got an immediate response that TuiNa really works, which was fantastic. It enhanced my trust."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen