Hold Qi Up Ekenäs [2015-12-05]

The autumn course in Hold Qi Up in Ekenäs, which attracted both new and old participants, created a warm and energizing mood in the wind and pouring rain. Several of the participants mentioned on Sunday that they had slept unusually well after the first day of the course. Here are some comments:

Good for the back

"I keep my back in shape with qigong. Now I can stand for long periods of time without feeling pain in the back."

The pain disappeared

"When I came to the course, I had pain in the shoulders and neck due to tension. It felt better the second day and on Monday the pain was gone."

Good for the arm

"On this course something happened in my arm – it felt like an explosion of warmth. Afterwards it felt right somehow, as if my arm had become lighter."

Strength to support others

"The training gives me strength to support the people that I care about. Qigong gives me a sense of confidence and it helps me to cope when it gets tough."


"I really enjoyed this course. It has given me new energy."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm