Winter Course training Stockholm [2015-11-06]

We usually don’t introduce a new kind of course, so this was a special occasion. It was the first time we had a training course for participants from the winter course. We practiced shenxin qigong with the same intensity as the winter course and this was much appreciated. After the training and pleasant days with qigong-friends many of us are now looking forward to the upcoming winter course in February, during week 8, 2016.

Below are some comments from the participants.

Stress and a bike accident

"This has been a well needed course for me, like a proper first-aid-kit. I’m in a turbulent stage in my life right now, with a lot of stress. This week I also experienced a bike accident. I flew over the handlebars and landed on my knees. Now, here after the course, I'm very surprised at how quickly I've gotten better."

A lot of Qi

"I wanted to attend this course because I knew that I needed corrections and I wanted to participate in the qi-field. I prepared myself by training a bit extra at home and therefore I’ve really been enjoying the training during this course. I’ve gotten a lot of Qi and feel really boosted with energy, which I am really happy about."

Missed the Winter course

"I missed the winter course this year, so this felt a little bit like a compensation. It was good and intense."

Calm and focused

"I think it has been a fantastic course. We have trained a lot, got to meet everyone, just forget everything else and focus on the training. I’ve had some distracting thoughts but now and then I’ve been able to focus really well and from time to time I’ve almost felt a bit blissful."

Warmer and increased circulation

"I think it’s been wonderful and would like to continue a couple of days more. Kai he fa has become a favorite during this course, which it hasn’t been before. Things happened in my body and I could feel the circulation through the neck and up all the way to the head. I’ve been warm during the course, usually I’m cold."

Easier to concentrate

"Every time I participate in a course in another city than Stockholm, I have a lot easier to focus. In Stockholm I tend to bring my every-day life in to the training hall. But when I practice xing shen zhuang or shenxin qigong it’s easier to focus and that was true even this time. I’m very glad that this course now exists!"

A boost

"It was wonderful to come here and really recharge my batteries. I don’t know what has been going on lately, but a lot of people around me are very frustrated. And it takes its toll when you try to stay calm, happy and positive. It feels very good to have gotten a boost of that."

Stillness and focus

"I like it when we train as much as we have been doing during this course. It becomes very focused and calm when we train, and even afterwards. Very nice."


"I’ve really missed a course like this, after the winter course we had to wait a whole year before we’ve had the opportunity to practice shenxin in a group again, but not anymore! We have many training opportunities with Hold Qi Up, which is good. But it is also good that we now have a training course with Shenxin, so it becomes a bit more balanced and that we who like this exercise does not have to wait so long. Above all, we get another opportunity to practice a lot in the qi-field."

After the course: Alert and a clear mind

"Usually I’ve big problems with tiredness due to my stomach. I can’t eat much and have problems with digesting proteins. On Sunday I felt very alert during the course, and on Monday I woke up at 6 am and felt alert! I got a lot of things done on Monday and stayed alert throughout the day. It also felt as if the world was different, I had a much clearer mind than I usually do. And the feeling of being fresh and alert still lingers. ☺"


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen