Hold Qi Up Hanko [2015-09-26]

Content and inspired participants and a beautiful autumn sunshine characterised the atmosphere on the basic course of Hold Qi Up in Hanko. Below a selection of the participants comments.

Daily training brings wellbeing

“I have practised many years. This summer I have been lazy every second day. Now I have again started practising every day: Both the soul and the body are starting to settle back in. I am happy and content after the course.”

Training many years brings several improvements

“I started practising qigong five years ago because I had an inflammation in the knees. I have been allergic to pollen and dust mites, but not since several years now. Earlier I also often had colds. They have stayed away, too. My concentration, my calm, all have improved. I am so thankful for this method.”

Improvements during the course

“I have a sports injury in the knee. When I got up the morning after the first day of training, I noticed my leg was much less stiff than usual.”

“I had overstrained my right hand and came to the course with an inflamed tendon. The hand gradually got better throughout the course. The day after, on monday, all the pain was gone.”

“My hands are warm. The movements are good for my bad circulation.”

Started as a pensioner

“ I started training after I retired. Practising has made me softer and more flexible. On this course I succeeded in lifting up my hands on back for the first time.”

“I was really down and exhausted when I started practising qigong in 2010. It has been good. Now I really enjoyed this course. The movements are going better, my body is much softer now.”

Good method

“I am a physiotherapist and had a patient who benefited from qigong. This is my first course. It is a good method where each movement has a function. Flexibility is very important for the metabolism to work. Nothing can happened in a stiff joint.”

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm