Xing Shen Zhuang Stockholm [2015-10-03]

It was a nice group of people who arrived to the training course in XSZ in Stockholm. Everyone had of course attended summer course two and learned the exercise. Now they were eager to repeat and practice more in the qi-field and to meet their qigong friends again. We trained a lot and the qi-field was strong which gave the participants good effects and a really good mood. Overall, it was a peaceful course with a good atmosphere.

Here are some comments from the participants.

Tired at first then alert

"I felt a bit tired directly after the course yesterday. But then I went in to the city with a friend. When I got home I re-decorated four chairs, cut out a rug and went to bed at 1 am. It was great that we had time to practice XSZ that many times aswell!"

The cold disappeared

"I think it was good that we had time to practice the exercise that many times. When we did corrections and then practised, it was easier for me to remember the corrections and to carry out the exercise in a better way. On Friday I was really tired. The fridge was empty and I didn't have the energy to go to the grocery store. So I figured I wouldn't be able to attend the course this weekend. But I got here anyway. I had prepared myself that I even wouldn't be able to drink tea during the breaks and brought a blanket so I could lay on the floor. But there were no problems. I could practice, do the corrections and talk to the others. And now, my cold is almost completely gone. It has been really nice to be here."

Improved back of neck and alert

"I got a very good correction in the back of my neck yesterday. It sort of crackled a couple of times. The it fell in place all together. It felt wonderful! Last night I was really tired and slept well all through the night. Today I feel so refreshed that I keep wondering why we have so many breaks all the time. It has been a really nice course."

No migraine

"It's been a great set-up for this course. Really good to practice this much. I usually have a lot of migraine. I often wake up with migraine. This morning I woke up really early, about 3,30 am, but I had no migraine. I was awake and it all felt good. Fantastic! I even whistled before breakfast, and that's never happened before! I haven't had any pain in my head at all this weekend."

A fresh start for the exercise

"I am very glad that I came this weekend. I had actually lost this exercise and stopped practising it. But this is a fresh start for me. Now I think it is fun to practice the exercise again. I have also learned a lot of details that I hadn't understood before. When I practice now, a lot of things happen all the time and that feels really good. In addition we have had a lot of time to both practice and do corrections, which I liked a lot!"

Improved circulation

"I also like the set-up for this course with a large amount of training and I've had easier to embrace the corrections since we have been practising quite a lot. I usually feel very cold, but last night I was very warm. I could feel it working in my body and that the circulation in my left leg got a lot better."

Tiredness disappeared during the weekend

"I'm really happy I came here. I've had great problems with tiredness during several months now and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to practice this much, but it all went very well. I felt a little tired just before the last round of practice but apart from that I've managed very well. So now I'm looking forward to the next course."

A pleasant course

"I can feel that the circulation has improved and that it radiates from the back of my neck towards the arms on both sides, so it feels good. I've also have had a great time with my friends an laughed a lot. I feel happy and content."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen