Hold Qi Up Bodø [2015-09-19]

Several participants with different levels of functioning were attending this weekend course. Everyone helped each other with great concentration and patience. This gave a relatively steep learning curve - with good results.

Course participants´comments:

Sleep well at night

”I tend to sleep little and badly – being constantly tired. Last night I slept 7 hours continuously.”

Less pain

”I am pregnant and have a backache. I have less pain in my back now after the course.”

Feel lightness

"I feel lightness. My wish is to reduce the 11 types of medicines that bother me.”

Can move my sprained ancle

”I have a knee problem. It keeps slipping out of joint. I also sprained my ancle the other day. However, it is now more flexible. My body feels warmer.”

Found my support muscles

”My shoulder - which has given me many sleepless nights because of pain, is now very good. I also had problems with my neck and hips. I have been searching for exercizes to strengthen my support muscles. Here I succeed.”

More energy

”I have rheumatism and take medication. My goal is to get off medications. My energy level has improved during the weekend.”

Arm ”radiation” gone

”I am back here – training again. The ”radiation” in the arm is gone. I need less sleep now.”

Shoulder ailments improved

”I have now trained Zhineng Qigong for 4 years. I also attended the Summer course in Sweden this year. My shoulder ailments have improved. The corrections do me good.”


Ingrid Tidemann

Bodø LUQ 20150919