Hold Qi Up Trondheim [2015-09-26]

This time several participants travelled far, both from Molde and Kristiansund - to attend the weekend course. There was a good atmosphere and a good age spread.

Comments from the course:

Good corrections

”I am glad I have started. I am pleased with the corrections and have received great help at the course.”

”During the corrections, I discovered that thre are several things I did not do right.”

Swollen and painful arm recovered

”I am happy to get started, and I am grateful that I got the link to the EZQ home page from my friend. My arm has been a big problem the last months. The arm has felt limp, swollen, and it has been painful in the morning. Last night I slept well. When I woke up this morning, my arm did not hurt anymore.”


”I have have been thinking about learning Qigong for a long time. My energy has been low. I feel better now, and I am not sleepy and tired. I have relaxed so well, and it is so comfortable to be here as a new member.”


”It is an easy atmosphere here, and I feel light. It is a wonderful, nice feeling. When I started practicing Zhineng Qigong some years ago, I could not relax in the knees. They were quite tense. Now they are good. This is a great group to practise with.”

More balanced

”My body pose is changing for the better. One leg is shorter than the other, however I have now got a better balance.”

Fracture pain gone

”I was excited about the course because I have a fracture in the shoulder. I was afraid the shoulder would be troubling me, but that has been the smallest problem here. Today my shoulder feels fine. I am a stressed person. It is therefore good to relax here. (You are lucky being able to have group practise in Trondheim. I hope we can establish a similar group where I live.”

Waist less sway

”My waist and pelvis are relaxed, and it feels comfortable and pleasant. My back has become less curved. The corrections have been easy and playful.”

More focused

”There is an easy mood here. Everything goes by itself. Exercising gives me peace, and I am more focused. Zhineng Qigong helps me to reach my goals.”


Ingrid Tidemann

Trondheim LUQ 20150926 bild1