Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pargas [2015-10-15]

The Autumn Course in Finland was as usual held at Axxell's folk high school in Pargas. The course is a 4-day residential course and the premises where we are staying, along with the beautiful surroundings, contributes to the harmony and joy that has become its signature. That also contributes to the strength of the qi-field and calm in the training. Also that shows in the good results the participants get out of the days training.
The participants fill out a form just before and after the course where they evaluate their health status. You can see the results here.
2015 graf engelska hostkursA total of close to 40 people participated in the course, where as much as 10 came from Sweden. More than ever before. They appreciate the hospitality that our Finnish Qigong-friends show. Below you can read an extract of what the participants shared after the course.

2015 gruppbild hostkurs

Feel Qi

"The autumn has been difficult, very tired and depressed. Much better now. I felt qi yesterday for the first time."


"I've been low for some time. My left foot should have surgery, but right now I have no pain. I will postpone the operation. Strong qi here and I am feeling much better. I'm going for quality in the training. Thank you! I am building a foundation."

Like running down a summer meadow

"This year I neither went to the Winter- or Summer Course because I've taken a three-year course to become a gardener, so this is my "Summer Course". I felt that I was pretty stiff and needed to restore the body. The first day was like running down a summer meadow - I was back in my body as when I was a child. It's been working in between my shoulder blades and in the right shoulder. I've realised that I've been weighing a bit on one foot. The circulation in my entire body has started and much has happened. It has been a lot of fun meeting all of you and I will probably be back in Finland again."

2015 inskjo hostkurs

Ability to move the shoulders better

"A good course. Today it feels good and I can move my shoulders better, especially the healthy one, the operated one is following. It feels like it's starting to release. Thank you for a good course."

A calm from the childhood

"My muscle disease is attacking the muscles around the hips and shoulders mostly. Here it was like something released, and I felt like it was flowing through my whole body and down to my feet. I've now got a calm that I know from my childhood and I've realised that if I would practice as much as this soon I would be up and running."

2015 traning hostkurs

Difficult making choices

"I've always had difficulties making choices, but qigong has helped me starting to choose and to choose right. I've had a lot of tensions in my back that now is giving in. The thoughts concerning saving and wasting energy have felt good. It has been wonderful."

Strong qi

"Thank you for a nice course. The qi has felt strong."

The qi-field

"I've been longing for the qi-field, "Yes, now it will be good." You have things in life that aren't good, but here you get help. In life difficult things happen, but you have built up a foundation and you can now see that you can do it mentally."

2015 sol nedgang hosktkurs

The knots has been untangled

"I've had to work some, both mentally and physically, but it feels like all knots has been released. I've gotten a great lift forward, now I will practice on."

The calm

"I came here with the though of that I would conquer some unnecessary fears, such as claustrophobia, fear of heights. With the thought of taking in the calm. Now I think that I can use the calm in everyday life. Thanks to all you wonderful people. I have not experienced as much qi before as here."

Urinary infection

"I am on my first Autumn Course. My urinary infection seems to be gone."

2015 traning 3 hostkurs


Lars Hagner