Summer course two Nossebro [2015-07-01]

During summer course 2 we focus on Xing Shen Zhuang, which is the second step and also the core method in Zhineng Qigong. It is a dynamic exercise that is more physical than Hold Qi Up. It can open the meridians fast and make qi go deeper – which makes it possible to get great results.2015 group picture level2 440

Of course, the best results can be obtained by participating in both summer course 1 and 2 and practise 18 days in a row. But also the participants who ”only” attended nine days got a lot of great health improvements. When they came to the course they could fast take part of the qi-field, which had been built up during the first nine days. Several of the participants noticed that the qi-field was stronger than previous years and also that it was different compared to the first nine days.

Many of our participants have practised with us for many years and at the summer course we meet friends from different countries. The friendly atmosphere, all smiles and nice conversations are things to remember for the rest of the year. More and more people give a hand during the course and several of them told us how positive it was to be able to help.

During the course we practise quite much. Those who want can also practise by themselves, in addition to the regular classes. They understand that practising as much as possible at the summer course makes it more likely to obtain good results. By that way the health status will improve, both physically and mentally. Several of the participants told us that they felt stronger mentally and that they were better suited to handle situations in life. They don’t feel as affected by things that happen around them. Some people also noticed how physical improvements can generate mental improvements.

Some comments from the participants

Mental changes

“It was a really great course. Level two is always different in a good way. The training goes deeper and it gets more mental. I felt some mental changes. I´m aiming towards a more harmonious state of mind, stillness and to be able to see myself clearer. A lot of things have happened but I actually don´t know what it is. I can´t see what´s going on inside of my body. I´m happy with the changes I got.”2015 training picture level2 440


“While sitting here listening I get a pulsating feeling in my foot. When I was a teenager I got a crack in my ankle. It´s exciting what can happen during a circle talking. During the course I felt activity in my brain and spine. Especially in the connection between the skull and the spine. My brain has some days been strongly affected. One evening I was sitting in the training hall thinking about if I should practise or not, I was really tired. I was thinking that if I can´t manage to practise here in the qi-field how will it then be when I´m at home and I´m very tired. I stood up and did some dun qiang and arm training. During the arm training I felt how something opened in my right hand. The thumb got a new position, the hand became soft and the circulation in parts of my thoracic spine improved. I´m grateful I didn´t go to bed even though I was very tired, hopefully this experience will make me practise at home even if I´m tired. It was a great course and I´m grateful that all of us are here.”

Stomach and worn out heel

“During level one I felt bad. My stomach ached and I couldn´t eat for two days. It was like being in a fog almost the whole course. Level two was like building up myself again. I became stronger and stronger and more stable. I usually don´t feel very stable. My stomach hasn´t recovered yet but I don´t get much pain when I eat, I can eat faster and more. I imagine that it gradually will be better and better. Not being able to go out and eat at a café or a restaurant is a very limiting issue in my life, not at least socially. I would be very happy if my stomach would recover or just get better. I would do anything to get better. I feel much more alert, it makes me happy that people also tells me I look more alert. My feet became unbelievable swollen during the course. They still are but not as much. I had a worn out heel cushion. Because of pain I had to wear a special shoe with a round sole, I even used them indoors and when I practised. My physiotherapist said it´s impossible to recreate the heal cushion. One of the participants told me I should try to take off my shoes and see if qi would start working on my heel. I tried and it was a little scary but things started to happen in the heel. The teacher said it´s possible to recreate everything the body once created. I could wish myself a new heal cushion. I haven´t used my shoes since then, It hurts a little but it´s much better. I want to thank for a great course.”

Better dun qiang

“I think I will understand what I actually wanted to say when I´m on my way home. Level two has been a bewildering experience. It´s the first time I attend the course. The method is interesting and I´m happy I got the chance to learn it. Last year dun qiang was too heavy for me. I could only do five repeats then I was totally exhausted. I couldn´t practise it at home. During the course the learning curve in dun qiang has pointed steeply upwards. This morning I could do fifty repeats without much effort. Great teachers has helped me with the exercise, it feels like I will practise dun qiang at home. Above all, this has been a course with mental training. A lot of emotional reactions, in a good way. Like having the courage to relax, then you notice how tense you are and listen more to the teachers and not think so much by yourself. I start to maturate into qigong. Thanks for a great course.”

2015 sky trees 440

Happy and positive

“This is my first summer course, I attended eighteen days. I needed a progress in my training and I really did get that. Both thru the exercises and the lectures. Thoughts you can use and thoughts you shouldn´t use. Like give to others, that´s something to keep in mind. Level two was really great, I feel happy and positive. I like this kind of training so now I´m going home to practise, I feel motivated. Thanks to all of you who give your support.”

Feeling of qi

“I had a very strong feeling of qi that I haven´t had before. Both when we practise and during the qi regulation. I feel very grateful that we have the possibility to practise this method. At home I usually think what we got is very unique, it makes me motivated to practise more. In general people don´t understand the quality in this training and that it´s a possibility for us.”

2015 Nossebro square 440


“During the first nine days my family was here with me. When I asked my husband if he noticed any effect from the first course he said now, but when I heard how many things they have done since they went back home it´s just amazing. My body is much softer and the circulation in my legs has improved. When the legs improve I get very sensitive so occasionally I step aside to keep calm. I can do the forward bending movements much better. I didn´t think it was possible but apparently it is. During the course I did a few tests on my phones brain app. It shows I have increased the active part of my brain. The test isn´t scientifically reliable but it´s anyway nice to see the results. Thank you very much for a great course.”

Injury after falling fast improved

”I fell in the end of course 1 and I got an enormous bruise. Usually one would expect a bruise to be there for quite some time and shift colours, but yesterday a small area in the middle suddenly started to look normal again. Later that day the area was already as big as a 5-kronor coin. So it never turned yellow and green etc. Another thing was my hand. I fell on my hand and was in a lot of pain. It was overwhelming and I could not manage the pain. Many came to help me. I was not able to practise and was laying in the back of the hall while my hand was swollen and pulsating. I could not bend it. But then a teacher came and did La Qi with me, with his hands outside my hands, maybe for 10 minutes or so. After that it felt better and I was able to bend my hand. Next morning the hand was almost completely recovered and in the afternoon it did not have any problems. You would think such injuries would take several weeks to recover.”

2015 Nossan 440

Vertebra got straighter

”From the large neck vertebra and downwards a lot has happened. During the first lecture at the start of the second course my vertebrae suddenly crackled and got straighter. I was also able to lower my shoulders, which resulted in that I could carry out the exercises in a better way, especially the 7th section of Xing Shen Zhuang. It was also easier to raise my arms and keep my head straight above the body.”

Stopped migraine attack

”I would like to tell you about the day we had the cabaret. When I woke up it felt as if I had a spike in the right side of my head, which is the first sign of migraine. It felt really bad and after a while I could not even put together my jaws and bite. Usually this means the migraine is rather severe. But I decided not to take a pill and give the arm training a chance. On my way to the hall I sat down under a small roof and used the comb method. In the hall I was very sensitive to light and noise. I tried to relax, but when the arm training started I felt nauseous and almost started crying. I continued anyhow and when we shifted our arms to the side I noticed that I could put my jaws together. When we were done the spike in my head had gone! My head was still a bit heavy but did not hurt. After breakfast I went back to the building where I sleep in order to help cleaning the room and everything felt normal again. I had a great day. So qigong is great! My confidence is increasing even more because of that.”


”Since last year my optician noticed that my myopia had diminished quite a lot. And she was really interested, so a few weeks after my yearly check-up, when she wanted to photograph my ocular fundi, she said “come on, come in.” I asked her why and she said she wanted to check if my eyesight was still that much better. My right eye used to be -2.5. Last year it was -1.25 instead. So it had been halved. And now I had my check-up before I came here, because my contacts were so grimy that I had to do something about them. And she found that my eyes were still stable. This is much more than the usual change that comes with old age. Really fascinating. This was my right eye. My optician wanted me to focus on my left eye this summer, but I said I don’t think so. Because I would rather have perfect vision on my right eye. Because if I then remove my contact from my left eye, I can also read really close to my face without reading glasses. We shall see.

2015 Duck 440

Mouse arm

”I practise for preventive reasons, I don’t want to get sick. But like most of you I started for a reason. I had problems with my right arm. Writers block, mouse arm. I couldn’t type on a keyboard. This is why I started. It took me six years to get well from that. You could think that’s a long time, but my problem was that I was too fixated on the arm. You should also have a relaxed attitude. During this time I also had other problems. I had spasms in my intestines and I couldn’t sit on a chair because I had sat too much at work. So if I sat on a chair I would get a burning pain in the back of my thighs. That all just disappeared. I also had a bad back due to an old injury. So I would get lumbago for almost no reason at all. All this: my stomach problems, my back problems, disappeared and I don’t even know when it happened. Because I wasn’t at all interested in this. I wanted the arm to heal. The problems disappeared very quickly. I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had lumbago since my first weekend course.“

Raise the arm

”This winter I broke my arm up here in the shoulder. Then I asked the doctor how I could recover, and he said that you can’t count on that. You will never be able to put things up in the cupboard. That gave me motivation. But it has been slow, and nothing has happened for several months. I haven’t been able to raise my arm higher than the shoulder joint. But now I can, but there is still some way to go. I can do the soft movements above my head. But I can’t straighten it completely. I feel really good that things are happening. The new movements where we stretch out our arms feel really good. I think I have a tool again. During the cabaret something funny happened. Then I could clap my hands. My fingers have been sore for 10 years. I have had to clap with my palms only, not my fingers. But suddenly I noticed I was clapping with my whole hand.”

2015 Flowers 440

Friendly voices

”I have felt good. I have been in a situation with conflict at work and so many angry people. So all these friendly voices here and in the room. It’s been great to be here.”


”The way I feel today physically, I have never felt before, not even when I was 20. And it’s the same mentally. I wake up happy, and that is a great gift.”


Su Dongyue