Hold qi up Nybro [2015-02-07]

Most of the persons who participated in the basic course had practised with us for many years. Their experience helped the beginners to understand more and gave them support when we learned the movements.

Some comments from the participants:

Urinary infections

“I have attended many courses. In this course I have been able to concentrate quite well. I have been calm and focused. What happens outside the training hall does not affect me as much as it used to do. I used to have problems with urinary infections. During a summer course I had something like an amplified urinary infection. Since then I have not had any urinary infection at all.”


“I have pain almost everywhere in my body. I have learned to balance my body. During the course I have been much more flexible. I can stand with straight arms in shoulders height for a long time. The combination of listening and practise was good on this course.”


“I started to practise by myself. I want to say to all the beginners there’s a big difference between practising by yourself and joining a group. I got rid of my migraine after I started to practice with a group.”

Keep Calm

“The best thing with practising qigong is that I can keep calm.”

Enjoying Qigong

“I have enjoyed the whole course. I think the lecture we had Friday evening was great.”


“This is the third course I attend. Yesterday evening I experienced strong pain in my knee and something happened in my foot. Suddenly something moved and the foot became warm. I have never felt anything like that before; it was very exciting. I slept very well and I am very happy with the course.”

Football Injuries

“This was my first course, my wife started to practice some time ago so I became curious. I am very satisfied with this course since I have made such progress. At first I couldn’t stretch my arms over the head and then after just some practice I can! I have a lot of football injuries and this really helps. I’m going to tell everyone I meet who complains about pain or bad health to try this, it’s truly amazing.”

Aching back

“I felt very calm during this course and the training has healed my back from aching. I felt tired yesterday but woke up at four this morning with no need to sleep more and I still have a lot of energy.”


Johannes Nordgaard