Summer course one Nossebro [2015-06-22]

”Nossebro is so harmonious during the weeks you are here every year,” a local told one of our course participants when they fell into conversation one day. You would think that a small town like Nossebro, with about 2000 inhabitants, would be affected differently by 150 strangers invading their community for three weeks. It would seem our strong qi-field does not only affect the participants in our course. Our qi-field is strong and of good quality, especially during the summer courses. This year it was stronger and better than ever.

Many of our students have practised for a long time and gradually grown stronger and created an inner peace. For them it is a tangible difference, in many cases a dramatic one when compared to when they started practising qigong. But the students are not the only ones positively affected, so is their surrounding. The increased calm in clearly noticeable in our courses. In our 9-day courses it is especially clear. This year there was a harmonious calm in the practice hall, a silence and peace, which is hard to believe would be possible with 150 people present. All those who join the summer course for the first time are affected by this and become calm as well.

Group picture summer course one 2015

Of the teachers in Zhineng Qigong who are still active today, Su Dongyue is the one who has been active the longest. He is a professional qigong teacher and was earlier the head of the medical department of the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training Center. Before the center was created in China, he was part of the small group of a handful of people who together with Pang Ming spread Zhineng Qigong in China. After his time in China, he started our organisation in Sweden in the beginning of the 1990’s and he is still our main teacher. His long and deep experience and his gong fu is the strongest reason for the strength and quality of our qi-field. Also all our students’ collective efforts, love, wishes and good information through the years have contributed to the qi-field we have today. The qi-field is the most important characteristic of Zhineng Qigong, and often the deciding factor for whether the students will have a good result or not.

Only in our summer courses can you take part of Dongyue’s teaching in person. This, in combination with all the harmony, warmth and love our students experience from the organisers and other participants, make so many people choose to participate in the courses. The course evaluation showed that 90% of the participants were satisfied (29%) or very satisfied (61%) with the course, and 95% said that it was likely (11%) or very likely (84%) that they would recommend us to a relative or friend.

Boat on the river Nissan

Below are a few comments from the students’ course evaluation:

“A very harmonious experience.”

“Thank you so much for everything, I am very grateful for all the kindness.”

“A good place to be.”

“This has been a course filled with love, light and softness.”

“I liked all the lectures, I will benefit from them in my daily life. I look forward to the next course.”

“A complete calm.”

“A very surprising experience, positive, about all and everybody.”

“A very good course. I can really recommend it to others. I became relaxed and calm.”

“Thank you for an amazing course. How lucky we are that you are here for us.”

“After these 9 days I feel gratitude, love and calm.”

“Thank you for an amazing course. The improvements to my health have been amazing.”

Wooden bridge over the river Nossan

Below is an excerpt of the students’ own oral feedback after course completion. We also published four personal stories with results that the participants got during the course. You can read the stories here:

Legs and waist straightened

“I have stood wobbling before. My entire left side has been broken all year. So now I have wished for my left side to heal. And yesterday my legs straightened out and became even. It started during arm training after he had said that we should have an extra strong wish. When I left after that session, suddenly I walked differently. My legs were almost straight. Later something more happened in my waist and it straightened out. I felt like I was five centimeters taller. And then, when I walked out, my feet were completely even again and I felt like the bedrock walking. I could get both of my feet on the floor again. So it was an amazing feeling.”

Pain in knee disappeared and finger straightened

“I came here with knee that wasn’t completely good. And it hasn’t been all good; at first it felt worse and worse. But when we did that up-and-down-movement, I don’t remember its name, my feet got really warm. And now there is no pain. I also had a finger that bends and locks and it hurts a lot. And I couldn’t straighten it. But now it’s not like that. It bent and locked several times here. On Sunday it locked incredibly and it was impossible to straighten, so I want into the training hall and sat in the qi-field and then the finger straightened.”

Nossebro skola at night 2015

Can feel her feet again and burn disappeared

“This was my first summer course. I came here because I could not lift my arm. I can’t lift it completely yet, but its much better. I have gotten so much more than just moving my arm. At one point Dongyue Su showed us how to stand properly, and then I could feel my feet for the first time. I could stand. And it felt so good. Then I burnt myself this morning. I poured hot tea over myself. We practised and now it’s almost gone. It disappeared.”

Softer back

“I have had a super course. My back and whole body have become much softer. An old knee injury has been handled, and my knee is much stronger now. I have had a very good course. ”

Straighter back

“This is my first summer course. My back is much straighter. That has been my problem. So I am very satisfied. Thank you for a very nice course and for the good food.”

Knees working perfectly

“The course has been very good. I can now more easily concentrate. More is happening in my back and shoulder than has been the case in previous courses. It affects my thorax on the left side when things happen in my back. My knees work almost perfectly now after all the qigong I have been doing. Thank you!”

More sociable

“My arm is much better now. This is the best course I've been to. Several things that were difficult for me to understand have become clearer. And the spirit here, we're all friends although we don't have time to talk to everyone. Everyone is so friendly. Qigong is a very good method. Without it I might not have existed any more. It has helped me a lot mentally. I'm more social. Thank you all who understand what qigong means.”

Bridge over the river Nossan

More calm

“After corrections I could stand in a whole new way. I feel calm. I get more calm when I practise. Everything is striving towards that for me. If I get more calm, the rest will come in some way.”

Eyes, ears and breathing better

“I got rheumatism last autumn. Then they discovered that my thyroid was enlarged and I had surgery. I started practising qigong in March. The rheumatism in my muscles diminished. But more importantly, I also was happier and got things done faster. I have struggled with my arms during this course. I felt some resistance towards coming here, but I’m really satisfied. My ears, eyes and breathing have relaxed and expanded. Very exciting. Everybody is so nice. Very nice atmosphere.”

Rheumatic disorder better

“My hearing is better. My ears hurt before I came. My nose has opened up and I can smell many fragrances. I have an autoimmune rheumatic disease, which leads to pain in my joints and reduced function of the kidneys. Now I'm much better. I’ve gone from not being able to dress myself before, to lifting my arms over my head. I am more vital, I'm softer, I can manage much more now. Life is on top with qigong. It´s the best. Thank you.”

Less tired

“When I came here I was very tired. Last Christmas I was on a 50 percent sick leave for some time because of stress at work and in my private life. 5 or 10 years ago I would probably have been very depressed and gone down deep in a “black hole”. I have all the time tried to keep on practising and when possible join weekend courses. But I am very thankful for having qigong. The training has prevented me from experiencing my biggest fears in life. When I came here I thought I might crash and just lay on the floor, as I have encountered many problems lately, both in my job and privately. But I have been OK. After circumstances it has been a good stay and feel great gratitude about the way you have taken care of me and my son, who is here for the 7th year in a row. It is really overwhelming and I feel a strong love for all of you. All are great here and I feel I am great as well. Thanks for a nice course!”


Softer body

“I joined a course in January. I have not any big problems except for the fact that I started to feel stiff in my body the last year or so. Jonny and I work for the same customer and he recommended me to come to a qigong-course, so I decided to give it a try. During the weekend course my body got much softer. At the time I saw a physiotherapist, but despite the help I got I could not stretch out my legs. However, when we had the circle I was suddenly able to do that. So I continued to practise and decided to join the summer course. The biggest effect for me is that my body is much softer now. I am also calmer, happier and sleep better. My wife says the difference is huge. I think she might join me this autumn and attend a weekend course.”

No longer sensitive to lactose

“Already during the first lecture I felt, like many others have said, a calm descending. I was quite low when I came here, or rather very low. But it kind of disappeared and one day it was fine. I have had some interesting results. I am not lactose intolerant, but I am very sensitive to lactose. So I haven’t been able to eat ice cream, or if I did then things would get complicated and I would have to visit a certain room quite quickly. But I tested the other day to have ice cream in the ice-cream café here in Nossebro. I bought three balls of ice cream; those of you who have been there know that’s a big portion, and also a cup of coffee on top of that. And it went well. No problem at all. I was surprised and could not really believe it was true, so I bought another ice cream the other day for verification. And it is true, it is gone, the problem is gone.”


Su Dongyue