Hold Qi Up Tammisaari [2015-03-14]

When we held the course in Ekenäs the spring had come and with it the sun that filled the cozy nursery room where we held the course and it is even the same room where the Ekenäs Group meet on Tuesdays to practise together. Several participants highlighted how much training group means to them. To meet others and practise regularly together is seen as very valuable. Some of the participants had been training with us for several years already, and reflected on how healthy they feel despite the years passing and thus not getting any younger. Both the older and the newer students also highlighted the mental effects of exercise: you feel calmer, happier and stronger mentally.

Read more of the participants' own comments below.

A break from the rat race

"I practise with the group on Tuesdays to minimise stress and relax and take a short break from the rat race. Qigong is good and good for my shoulders."

No age ailments and teaches me to draw boundaries

"I've been practising for a long time, maybe about 9 years. A lot has happened in my life after I started practising qigong. I have no age ailments though I have started to get older. There may be periods when I practise less. I get more stamina when I practise. The mental side is more important than the physical, but still important. The change of life. I have learned to draw boundaries. Thank you all for giving me the chance to be here to repeat the movements in order to get them more right."

All details i had not picked up

"A week ago I type my greatest epiphany when I found all the details I had not picked up. I started practising qigong 10 years ago but has not been training regularly. I have no idea where my physical body would have been if I had not practiced qigong. I have been practicing Qigong because mental problems and to get qi and force."

Hold Qi up Tammisaari

Feels good in the neck

"It has felt good in my neck. The course felt great. "

Less thinking and more inspiration

"The head feels empty right now usually there is a log of spinning thoughts. Got a lot of inspiration during the course."

More agile, better knee, pollen allergy disappeared

"I feel more agile. I feel better than 10 years ago. I started practising because I wanted to find something that would do me good. The knee gradually became better as has my pollen allergy and energy to put the kids to bed at night without a fight. Before, I suffered from many colds when kids who were sick for 2 days while I was ill for 2 weeks. When I get a cold now it lasts only a few days."


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