Hold Qi Up 2 Stockholm [2015-05-09]

Spring Qi Up 2 course gathered many motivated students despite the nice weather. It was not just the locals who were there but several had traveled to the capital solely to participate in the course. The fact that we got to have the course in the beautiful auditorium of the East Asian Museum did not make things worse. The weekend passed on quietly, those who were new and unaccustomed to more training got to try it. The new parts of the Hold Qi up and the things to think during the exercise that we taught was appreciated. Many of the participants will take part in this summer's nine day courses.

From the participants comments:

Weight loss

"I come from Nybro outside Kalmar and I've practised for about four years. It was great to be here. The training hall is fantastic. I like the thinking way we learn at this course. Among other things I lost about ten kilos of weight. I practise every morning and I feel stronger and stronger. I'm grateful for this training method."

Positive thinking

"It´s good to hear about the thinking way of qigong, especially about mundane situations. I feel I can affect situations to something more positive, for example at work."

Good Practice

"Hold qi up is a very good exercise. I got some good corrections and I'm happy with the course. The atmosphere was great."

Training with quality

"I've joined for a day of training and I can not train as much at home with a one-year old. I do need to focus on quality rather than quantity and there is noticeable difference. It's nice to be here. I feel refreshed and it's great to come home to the family with new energy"

Infections, depression, anxiety

"When I started practicing Qigong, I had a lot of infections. With time they disappeared and I could be free of illness for a whole year at a time. I have noticed that although there has been much around me and I was sick, I still feel refreshed. I have had problems with depression, anxiety, but even though the circumstances were not optimal, I can manage to handle the situation. I handle things more practical, think more often "never mind", there is always worse ways to fail."

Important in life

"I have not joined so many weekend courses lately, so it's nice to be here. It has been stressful and I think more. It's nice to meet all people, feels like a preparation for the summer. I revert to the most basic needs, I understand what is important in life."

High blood pressure

"I've been training for six months and will try to convince my boyfriend to start. Today I felt peace within me. I have high blood pressure, when I hold my head down, it feels better. I've been training for about five days / week."

Lars Hagner