Winter course Shenxin qigong Karlskoga [2015-02-16]

The winter course in shenxin qigong is a course that may persons longed for. During this course we have a chance to practice nine days in a relaxed and nice atmosphere. We have a lot of participants, we practice a lot, the qi-field is strong and the method effective – a good combination for great changes and health improvements.

For the fourth consecutive year the course was arranged at Karlskoga folkhögskola. We get along very well at the school and we have a good cooperation going on with the school staff. Their staffs also have become interested in our training and this year four persons from the school attended the basic course; one of them even continued by joining the winter course.

vinter course shenxin qigong group photo

We practice a lot during the course, from early morning to late night. It's very appreciated to practice at this intensive level. Time passed fast and the concentration was high in the training hall. We took one afternoon off and arranged a trip to the Nobel museum in Karlskoga for a dramatized tour about the life of Alfred Nobel, a unique guided tour that was very appreciated. One day the local paper visited us and wrote an article about the course. You can read the article here (translated from Swedish)

The last day we practice xing shen zhuang, the second step in zhineng qigong. After several days with shenxin qigong lots of people think it's a great way to end the week. The winter course has given us more qi and made us stronger – which makes it easier to practice xing shen zhuang.

An important characteristic for our school is to practice in a strong qi-field. Thanks to our qi-field we can get great health improvements and several participants have told us that they got rid of different problems.

Every year we do a survey and this year it showed that the participants had the greatest improvement in energy level (75 %), physical status (65 %) and concentration (56 %) which is shown in the diagram below.

vinter course shenxin qigong graph

Below you can read some of the comments from the participants:

Narcolepsy (tiredness) improved

"After being vaccinated with pandemrix in 2011, I've suffered from five narcoleptic inconveniences: Attacks of muscle fatigue, suddenly fallen asleep, I got apathetic attacks with cognitive problems and problems with my memory, hallucinations with sleep paralysis and terrible nightmares. Then I came here, to my first winter course, and I've felt very energetic and very happy. None of the problems have occurred here, I was shocked that I could feel this well! I had no expectations. Of course it's been a hard course. I can squat deeper, my arms feel better and something has happened in my neck. I'm very happy and grateful. I'm moved by everything and how nice it has been! Thanks!"

Increased energy level and broken foot healed

"I was in a very bad shape when I came here. I barely had enough energy to come. I had no energy and my muscles were tired. I barely had enough energy to move. My mind was influenced and I had problems remembering what to do. I was very unfocused. But so much has happened this week. Really! It's such a difference! I can hardly believe it's true. I feel like a new person. I feel so much stronger. If I felt empty before, I now feel that I'm filled up. It has worked so much in my body. My blood pressure was high when I was ill (I suffer from diabetes) and my lungs were weak from the infection. Everything in my body; my kidneys, lungs and stomach are stronger. It has worked so much in my stomach even though it's not completely ok. In the autumn I broke my foot. As a bonus I've been able to take the boot off and I can walk on my foot again. I've had the boot for six months and the foot didn't heal. My diet is poor and my circulation as well due to the diabetes but here something has happened in my foot. I've had sensations deep down and one day I felt I could leave my crutches behind. It felt so good to leave them. Another day I thought it was time to take the boot off. I felt a bit scared but it was good to take it off and I've been able to stand on the foot. The crutches are now under my bed and when I get home again I won't use them anymore. Thanks for a great course!"

vinterkurs shenxin qigong träning

Stronger legs and improved vision and hearing ability

"My legs have become very strong. When walking I have felt like an engine, a great feeling. My eyes and ears are opening. My hearing is very good. It's a good result. And it works well with my back. Thank you."

Agile waist

"A very good course. I wanted to get a more agile waist. It has worked a lot in my whole body. My joints feel so soft, I feel they are clean inside. It's fantastic! I can squat deeper now and I can bend my hip much better. I'm very happy for that. Fantastic!"

Clean inside the body

"This is my first winter course, definitely not the last one. It's the most fantastic course I've been to. It's so good to practice this much. A lot of physical and mental tensions have started to release. I feel pure inside. That is a very nice feeling. I've got fantastic corrections. I'm so much straighter now, I'm so grateful for that."

Less headache

"A fantastic course. I've felt better than at any other course. I've had much less headache. Another great thing is that you meet so many people that you would never meet otherwise. You talk a lot which is very good, it's easy to tend to chew on your own problems. It's good to hear how other people are doing. My shoulders, neck and chest have improved a lot. My migraine will get well soon. Thank you."

No nightmares or migraine

"Qigong has helped me to understand, to find and to accept myself. Thanks to that both physical and mental issues have disappeared, at this course as well. At this course my tattoo, that I made a week ago, has healed very well. Also I haven't had any nightmares or migraine, just small sensations. Since the summer I've had a lot of migraine. This week I haven't used any medication. So I've been at the course without pain and without medication. I'm very happy to have been here!"

Deep healing in an operation scar

"It's my first winter course. Good to be here. It has worked in all of me. My status has improved, I'm very grateful for being much more agile. Also I've felt it working at places where I've had operations. Now I know it's healing in a deeper level. That's fantastic. Thank you."

Less depressed

"It was my first winter course and it has been very good. When I came here I was a bit depressed and sad but it's much better now."

Stronger in everyday life

"I was very depressed, tensed and tired when I came here. I knew that the winter course would help me. It's my fourth course and I thought I had to get better for my kids' sake. I want them to have a happier mother with enough energy to be happy in everyday life. It has been tough but I've been motivated so I've been able to concentrate and I've been energetic. I'm very happy that my waist is getting more relaxed. It's fantastic!"

Less tinnitus and back problem

"I have got good results. To mention some: I've got rid of tinnitus. My toes have straightened up, (the toes were laying on each other before). I've had problems with my back since I was 17 years old and I've had to go to chiropractors and physiotherapists. But the last 4-5 years I haven't been to anyone. If I've taken a wrong step and something got wrong in my back I've gone home to practice. Then it got better. Before I went to chiropractor several times every year. I have pain in my neck and shoulders and I have worked with that. I also have some other problems and my doctor has a mantra: "That's the kind of problems that comes with age and you have to live with that." I don't think that's true and I want to show him the opposite."

An extra octave

"The other day I started so sing and I noticed that usually I don't sing that brightly. I tried my voice and I could reach enormous heights, like I had an extra octave. Even though my lungs sounds like this (cough), my voice was totally clear. It was great!"


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen