Hold qi up Turku [2015-04-18]

As Finland was preparing for general elections, some of us elected to also invest in our health by getting together to learn Hold Qi Up, the main method of Zhineng Qigong. Many of the participants have joined our courses before and could share their experience of practising qigong with those who were just beginning. On top of getting rid of various physical ailments, they could also tell of a calmer, more harmonious mind, resulting in better quality of life, creativity and concentration. Read a selection of the participants' own comments below.

Better concentration and easier to stand

"This is my third basic course. They have all been different. The first one was hard. Then I found it hard to stand. Now I had no problems standing, and I could well have continued for one more day. I have enjoyed the course. I feel relaxed. My concentration has improved since I started practising qigong."

My back no longer controls my life

"Qigong has helped me in many ways. I have had serious back problems. Even if my back can be a bit worse sometimes, it no longer controls my life. This is a big deal. Also when I don't practise actively, I feel safe in knowing that I have this tool and that qigong can never hurt me."

Stronger and less susceptible to infection

"This has been a good day. I have got an extra boost. Practising qigong has become a way of living. I cannot be without it. I am less susceptible to infection. I feel stronger both physically and mentally. Qigong is a good life companion."

Got rid of migraines and improved concentration and creativity

"I began practising because I suffered from chronic migraines. I have practised for 4½ years. It has made me well. On Friday night I was security guard at my son's school disco, with flashing lights and loud music. Earlier that would have been impossible. I have got a lot out of practising qigong. I had, for instance, never thought that my physical health would gradually improve. I am writing my dissertation and I was already preparing to quit when my health was at its worst. My concentration has improved. That in combination with relaxation make ideas come more easily. Qigong is useful in many different areas."

Help with injured arms and made new friends

"There is so much I would like to tell you. I started practising in the year 2000, but not so eagerly in the beginning. When our contact person started leading our weekly practice group it all got more interesting. I started because of a troublesome arm injure, which I had got in a biking accident. Earlier it always caused me pain when the weather was changing. Now I hardly feel it at all. In January of 2011 I took a fall and injured my other arm. That time nothing was broken, but my muscles were so bruised that I could not lift the arm. Our contact person encouraged me to join the weekly practice group anyway, and after four months of practising, I could lift both my arms above my head again. Qigong has given me many friends. It shows if a person practises qigong. I am really grateful."

Easier to make decisions and to live in the present

"I am happy that I came. This has been really good. When one gets more qi, it is easier to do the things that one knows should be done. I have made many important decisions after the summer courses. Qigong is always present in my life, but there are periods of time when I hardly practise at all. Now I will prioritize qigong again. It is always possible to do right today, even though you did wrong yesterday. You cannot live in the future either. You have to live in the present. Qigong helps with that."

Sense of community

"I have felt a nice sense of community here."


Jeanette Heidenberg