Hold qi up Norwich [2015-02-21]

Once again we have had a qigong course at the beautiful hills of Norwich and the nice school called Lionwood School. Quite many repeated the course and the understanding for joining the strong qi field of ours is getting bigger and bigger.

The beginners learned the new movements and the atmosphere of the group was very calm and relaxed. As one of the beginners said after the course: there is something peaceful and meditative about it.

Some comments from the participants:

Clear and calm in the mind

"I have been practising qigong for a while and it has helped me on many different levels. I experience a difference when I manage to practise every day. Something that is stuck will yield after a few days of practise, it might be pain and then when I think it is too much, it melts away. When I came to the course this weekend I was tired and troubled but <i am going home feeling clear and calm with things resolved in my mind. The message I want to give is that it is important to practise every day and also that it is important to repeat the course."

Good to come back and refine the movements

"When I first began with qigong I did not know how stricken I was. I was given movements to do that I found so difficult and painful but over the years I have strengthened and now I practise so much better. It is really good to come back to learn and refine my practise."

More control over the body and inner strenght

"I have been looking for a regular practise. I can feel that this is good for my muscles. I want to have moore control over my body and I think this gives me inner strenght. There is something peaceful and meditative about it. I enjoyed the weekend."

It is grounding

"I have had a lovely time-thank you! Historically I have been a very energetic, speedy person, so the slowness has been a challenge. Lately I have noticed changes in myself and know that I am slowing down. I have always done sports and thought I was healthy but this weekend I have noticed I am tight and tense in places-