Hold Qi Up Helsinki [2015-03-07]

European Zhineng Qigong has organized courses in Finland in Swedish for a number of years and more recently also in Finnish. In Helsinki, a course in Hold Qi Up is organized in Finnish once every autumn and once every spring. The first course of the year was held in Brändö and attracted both new and old participants. Here are some comments that from the participants.

Help for insomnia

"I started practicing Qigong about three years ago because of severe sleep problems. It was an immediate relief, which has given me a good reason to keep training. I am an overachiever and I easily become stressed and agitated. If I leave out my Qigong practice, I cannot sleep. My son also thinks that training makes me more easy-going. I have found that I work better, I don't get nervous as easily and my approach to issues has become more relaxed. "

A friend in need

"I have trained for ten years. It is fun to follow the improvements of the other participants. I have myself been helped by Qigong in many ways – I see it as a real friend in need. "

A source of energy

"For me, Qigong has become an important tool to replenish my energy and listen to my own body. Since I work in with health care I start off my day with Wei Tuo Jin, and I do Hold Qi Up and La Qi in the evenings and on weekends. "

First Impressions

"It seems to be a good method of self help. I found working in pairs particularly rewarding. "

"It was reassuring to see that the more experienced participants also needed corrections on their posture and movements. It is nice to have old and new participants working together. "

"The body regulation felt nice. I suffer from migraines and have heard how Camilla got rid of hers with the help of Qigong. I am glad that I could participate in this course. "

Great help of La Qi

"Zhineng Qigong has been a constant companion for me these last five years. I practice every day, mostly La Qi because with my illness I cannot lift my arms. I was recently on a long trip to Asia and realized that I have more energy now, both physically and mentally, than I have had during previous trips. I have also noticed that the training has a positive impact on my relationship to other people and that it can be very helpful in solving problems."

Hold Qi Up is wonderful

"I hadn't practiced Hold Qi Up for quite some time, doing Shenxin instead. This course was a reminder of how wonderful Hold Qi Up is."

My back feels better

"During the day I felt that my back was relieved, it feels better now, somehow loosened up."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm