Hold Qi up Kasnäs [2015-03-21]

For as long as European Zhineng Qigong has been active in Finland, participants from the archipelago municipality of Kimito have been attending week-end courses. Since a couple of years the village has its own training group and local courses, whose scenic settings also attract participants from bigger cities around. Below are some comments from this course in Kasnäs.

"The Qigong has given me very, very much. I am no longer interested in trying out other methods. I know that if I only practice, this will help me."

"My balance has improved greatly since I started training."

"I have been training for a long time. Today I am in much better shape than yesterday. I am much more agile now then when I was young."

"I am a sceptical physiotherapist, but I still appreciate these classes. There is something very balancing about the excercises."

"I knew nothing about this method before coming here. At first I thought that I will never remember the movements. The last training session however, was a surprise. I got a feeling of flow and it wasn't difficult or heavy at all to do the movements and to stand."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm