Shenxin Qigong Gothenburg [2015-03-14]

Many participants quickly get fond of Shenxin Qigong and find it fun to practice. More and more qigong students say that they like to do Snake Arm, not at least for its good effects. Participants also more often now describe how they see the Friday lecture as an important part of the course..

Anxiety is gone

"Qigong has helped me a lot to relax my body and mind. I'm not at all so nervous and anxious as I was before. I'm very calm. My shoulders and back are not tensed or painful any more. Qigong helps me in many ways, I'm very happy for that.

I've found myself again

"It's so fun to come here and meet all of you. I've learnt to say no to temptations. I've had a lot of problems with my body before. Now I've found myself again; I had a period when I felt lost, about decisions and so on. Now everything gets better and better."

Snake arm feels good

"The lecture was super. I felt very alert and strong after it. This course I could relax with Snake Arm for the first time. My shoulders are lower, which I had wished would happen.

"It's as if there's more and more space within, it's softer and more pleasant. Snake Arm became a favourite after the winter course."

Wryneck problem is gone

"The lecture spoke to me in many levels and I was very alert and happy after it. This weekend I've slept very well. I'm grateful because I have sleeping problems. I've had a wryneck since January, now my neck feels fine, it feels so good. So nice atmosphere, it's such a pleasure to come here."

Patrik Rastija