Hold Qi Up Oslo [2015-01-31]

After some time without qigong courses in Oslo, in January it was time for a longed-for Lift Qi Up course in the Norwegian capital. Many participants appreciated to hear more about the philosophy of qigong and how we can use our minds and our thinking in everyday life. Many participants felt inspired to practice more and look forward to new courses in Oslo.


Works good on neck and shoulders

"I haven't practiced qigong before but this works in the way I had hoped for. It's good for my posture. My neck and shoulder problems haven't got better with other excercises I've tried. But these movements have hit the target."

Back pain is releasing

"I've practiced a lot of other things; yoga, pilates, meditation, to get help with the pain in my back. Now I feel that the pain is starting to release. I can feel that the qigong practice makes things happen."

Inner peace

"I had no knowledge of qigong before. In these two days I've got an inner peace and I've got to know my body better. I'm very content and look forward to do this more."

Calmer in my daily life

"I'm happy that there's a course in Oslo again. After my first summer course last year I needed almost three hours less sleep than before. I got rid of an extreme toothache, in the nerves. I also got rid of calcifications in my shoulders. The most important thing is that Qigong makes me calmer in my daily life, because I tend to get anxious easily."

Patrik Rastija