Hold Qi Up Trondheim [2015-02-28]

This weekend course had a nice age range. New and repeating participants trained and corrected each other - with good results: A locked shoulder fell into place; a locked back and ancles loosened up. An injured knee got better. A participant with pelvic girdle pain aimed to test whether she could run out of the room at the end of the course- and managed that.

Comments from the course

Pelvic girdle pain recovered

"I have had trouble with pelvic girdle pain and inflammations for approximately 10 months. At Christmas (2014) I could neither stand nor walk. I was very surprised when I during the first course hour managed to sit down on the floor. I also managed to stand during the entire weekend course.
Yesterday I wished for one thing at the course completion: Being able to run - instead of "crawling" out of the premises. And I managed! Now I am relaxed and calm, more than I have ever felt, or – at least - for a long time."

Hold qi up trondheim 2015 02 28

Stable blood pressure

"My head has been busy. Now I have found calmness. My blood pressure is now stable."

Deep relaxation

"I have been restless with much resistane in my body. Today I noticed this and decided just to let go – into the exercises, which have an appealing slowness. I have connected with my bedrock."

A clearer voice. Could stand with a wounded knee

"My face looks different after this course, and my voice sounds different, clearer. No layers are noticed on the vocal cords now. I could hardly stand with my wounded knee. Now I have been standing during the whole weekend course."

A stiff shoulder released

"I have been suffering from a stiff shoulder for a long time. During a correction this weekend the shoulder suddenly released and dropped into place.The tensions in my back and ankles also disappeared. The allergy has allready improved, and I am off medications."

Viral infection improved

"I have been afflicted with a viral infection. Now much mucus has released from my chest. By correction I got a better posture."

Get calmness

"Tonight I slept well. I find calm here. My body temperature has been stabilized, and I am not so frozen anymore."

Can stand for a long time

"During last year's Summer Course the migraine attacks disappeared.
Before my legs were wobbly. After this course I manage to stand steadier."

Ingrid Tidemann