Shenxin qigong Hanko [2014 -11-29]

A beginners course in Shenxin Qigong held in the old butter storage in the port of Hanko. It was not a very big course, but the participants were motivated to learn and to do their best to make sure everyone would get as much out of the course as possible. There was a very nice spirit among all of the participants to create a good and rewarding weekend.

Comments from the participants:

Grateful for weekly trainings

“It is gratifying that there are weekly trainings, thanks to them I can manage to sustain the training.”


“One of my group told me recently that she have had pain in her knee. One time after the training she got pain all night in the knee. Then after that it did not hurt more and it has not come back either.”


“I am so interested in Shenxin because I have heard that you can get good results. Now I'm eager to practise.”

“I am totally in love now in Shenxin.”

“Thanks for a relaxed course which is my third Shenxin course!”

“Now I am very satisfied with this course because we have gone into such details with the movements.”

Whiplash injury

“Four years ago I was in an accident that injured my neck and brain. I was for 1 1/2 years on sick leave. After I started practising qigong, just six weeks with practising I was back at work.”

Tormod Langballe