Hold Qi Up Helsinki [2014-11-23]

During the weekend-course Hold qi up in Helsinki the advantage of joining beginners with earlier participants in the training was evident. On Saturday earlier participants/seniors were in minority but they were in majority in the training on Sunday. These seniors were willing to help the beginners with their own experiences as well as they could benefit from the instructions given to the new participants in their elementary course.
At an early stage of the training some of the participants told me how strong their sensation of the good qi-field was and how different the feeling of training together was comparing with training alone at home. The beginners praised the pedagogy and planning of the course. All of them seemed to aim at future qigong training.
Below some comments from the participants:

In High Spirit

"I had my first qi-gong course in autumn 2006, since then I have trained regularly at home to stay in good mood and enjoy my life more. This day has been excellent and I got a lot of energy."

La Qi in the Bus

"By now I have been training four years, trying not to be too hard to myself. Normally I am doing the La Qi in the bus with both my hands hidden in a cap. This exercise helps me to raise my spirits."

Cramps and Convulsions Disappeared

"I am suffering from a muscular disease as well as from a head-injury resulting from a car accident. According to the doctors I should be bound to a wheel chair by now or be dead. I am training qigong regularly with good results. Since our last summer course I got rid of my muscular cramps and convulsions, from which I have suffered the last 20 years. My muscles are growing and I sleep better."

A Positive First Impression

"I have always been interested in oriental training and philosophy. Starting this training I got a sense of joining a continuing extremely old tradition of knowledge. Most of the training seemed very logical including the beauty in the performance. I still don't know if I'll go on with qigong, anyhow this start gave me good feelings."

The Pains in My Back Disappeared

"I have had lots of problems with my back. Attending my first course I could make no exercises at all during the first part of the course. I was just following and watching the training lying on the floor. After the first half of the course, the problems with my back disappeared. I'll never leave qigong."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm