Summer course training [2015-01-02]

Nearly 60 experienced qigong students met in Stockholm January 2 to 6 to practise together in our strong qi-field. About half of them came from Stockholm, the rest from other parts of Sweden as well as Norway and Finland. This training course is held every other year in Stockholm and every other in Gothenburg. It is popular, perfect timing right after Christmas and New Year, with much training in a strong qi-field. As always the social atmosphere and meeting old qigong friends encourage so many participate. In the courses first four days we practice Zhineng Qigong step one and the last day Step two, Xing Shen Zhuang. Dongyue Su opened the course by among other things give us a qiregulation.

Lots of training in our strong qi-field helps give us the possibility to get good results. One participant wrote after the course like this in an email to the course instructor; "Just wanted to say that today's training was magical, especially the first hour. Mr. Su often say that we should enjoy training, but I think I have not really understood before how nice it can be. " You can read other people's impressions of the course below.

Distance to my feelings

"I now have a greater distance to my feelings. Emotions are like a little child who wants it's Saturday candy and who just want to catch your eye and that one should act on emotion. Now I can let the feelings be because I know it's not good for me to do as it pleases. This I really could not do before. Previously I practised in the morning and got qi, but wasted it during the rest of the day. Now that I no longer can practise as much, I must instead save my qi. I try instead to practise when I can and not waste the qi that i got. For example, when I'm with my kids in the park, I usually stand regulated and do let my feelings be and remain calm."

Stomach and back problems

"I have gotten rid of many of my problems with qigong. Stomach and back pain are some examples. What's happening now is that my neck is getting better and my shoulder is slowly moving backwards. It all happens fast, my neck and shoulder has been such a huge problem, and I am surprised that happens so fast."

"The first hour I just stood and smiled. I was so glad to be here. I've been looking forward to this course. During the summer I had pain under the collarbone. I did not think much of it then, but it continued to hurt. After some time I was urged to go to a doctor to find out what it was. It turned out to be a blood clot. This resulted in massive anxiety and panic attacks. When I was in hospital I did not know what I should practise, but I remember that someone during the summer course had told me that she had visualised that she did the movements. That's what I did while I was in hospital. I was so tired that I slept all day and if I did not sleep I was just filled with anxiety. I took the opportunity to practise a lot for a whole week and joined a weekend course over the weekend during that week. This helped and I did not need to sleep more during the day anymore. Later the same fall, I joined a HQU2 course. This gave me a peace and during that time it's the busiest time of the year where I work, but I was completely calm. Now I feel that things is happening in my right arm. Now it will become perfectly fine."


"I feel happy. I keep on taking small steps forward, small steps are also steps. I can put my hands together over my head, it made me very happy. Yesterday I stood in front of my mirror and did it over and over again. My ability to walk has increased, it is nice to be able to walk around in the city and look at things."

Calmer, stronger and more alert and happy

"It felt great to be here. I feel calmer, stronger, more alert and happier. It's hard to find peace during Christmas. I could feel how the training filled me up with qi. It feels good to get immediate feedback."


"I'm just as grateful as everybody else in here. It was like a summer course feeling during the course. I slept just as well as during the summer courses. I feel a unique solidarity in the qi field. That feeling is getting stronger every year. Thanks to all of you."

A Great Start

"It felt nice to be here. A great start on a new year."

Helping Each Other

"I like that we do things together. We do a lot of things individually in our society. Here we help each other."


Lars Hagner