Hold Qi Up Trondheim [2014-11-01]

"I become a better version of myself when I practice."

This weekend course gathered many participants - from the city and the rural areas.

Comments from the course:

Calmness and focus

"I experience more focus, even physically."

"A nice weekend with much calmness. I bring it home with a good feeling."

"I feel the energy, especially in the neck and spine. I keep peace of mind. My movements are far more relaxed this time. The exercise La Qi runs deep."

"I have now gained an energy boost. I am calmer now."

"I need to join the group training and the corrections. When I practice I become a better version of myself."

"I came here to get refills of Qi."

Lifting the arm with a frozen shoulder

"I have been struggling with a frozen shoulder for 2 years. Today I could lift my arm over the head."

Gets energy
"I have got lots of energy flowing in my body".

"Practicing Qigong is to take responsibility for one's health."

Hold Qi up Trondheim

Less pain

"Pains are gradually dissolving, and I can calm down. My everyday life is improving."

Ingrid Tidemann