Hold qi up Stockholm [2014-11-01]

This autumns second Hold qi up course in Stockholm was also held at the East Asian Museum. The venue always contribute to the well being, that the students feel united with the strong qi-field and the experience the teachers along with experienced students convey to the new. The beginners learned quickly and has after the course continued to practice on our group training on Wednesday nights in Stockholm.

From the participants' comments:


"My fitness has improved by qigong. When I played badminton with my work I was able to play uninterrupted for two hours, my colleagues who played against me replaced another, but I played all the time."

Burned out

"I've been training for two months. I think this is good. I have been way down to the ground, burned out and my wife passed away six years ago. Qigong helps me."


"This is my second course. I have rheumatic problems, but now I've gotten better. I'm just stiff in the joints. I'm mentally better."


"I have injuries in the back and shoulders. Not that big a problem, but I need to practice. I looked at the website and the European Zhineng Qigong seemed more established and more serious than the others I looked at. I read the personal stories that were on the website and it made me decide to join this course. Here it seems that I will have more opportunities to develop. "

The light inside

"I have been training for many years. I'm not so good at daily training. After a break, now I am back and I think it's really nice to join the course. It is good that there is a course in the midst of the autumn darkness. this course is like a light on the inside. "

Food allergy

"When I started practicing Zhineng Qigong I was really allergic to lots of different foods. I almost could not eat any thing, but after a summer course all that changed and now I can eat almost like any other."


"I started training for 7-8 years ago. I've had a break from exercise in a year and a half because of a bad recommendation from a physical therapist. I have already gotten a lot of help from the Qigong training in order to help me with my MS. Qigong has helped me to get balance both physically and mentally. When I a few months ago was in the shower and did mot manage to shampoo my hair because of pain, I decided that enough is enough and I signed me up for a course with European Zhineng Qigong."

Stress at work

"I started when there was a course at my work. I have had much benefit from qigong because I have many stressful situations at my work."

Constant pain in the neck

"When I began practicing qigong, I had constant neck pain. After my first weekend course, It did not hurt as much. After my first summer course it was dramatically better. Now it does not hurt anymore."


"Incredibly good Qi field, good people and the time is just whizzing away."

"I got such a focus during La qi. I will start practising every day."


Lars Hagner