Hold qi up Hangö [2014-09-13]

This autumn the first weekend course in Finland was held in Hangö in perfectly charming weather. Several dedicated and a number of fresh qigong practitioner resisted the temptation from both sea and forest and chose to spend the weekend practising qi gong. Because, as one of the veterans stated: "Joint courses inspire you to practise more intensely. And when you take part in a course in early autumn, it is easier to start anew if you are out of pratice because of the summer holidays." Everyone was happy with spending the weekend this way. Those who had taken part for a longer time had already shared their experiences and health improvement several times earlier on. See, e.g., Hold Qi Up Hangö 2014-03-22. Newcomers concentrated on remembering movements and they had made up their minds to continue practising seriously.
Below some comments:

Normal blood pressure

"I know from some years of intensive training that blood pressure will be normalised. The sinuses are effected as well, they will open up if clogged. The attitude towards life and work changes as well. You approach problems and conflicts in a more relaxed way."

An effective method

"Qigong has been of great help to me during good times and bad times. It is an effective method if you are dedicated to practising. It has been a great weekend."

Help in relaxing

"Qigong is an incredibly good tool, helping me to make it through the day, through my whole life. Once you relax, you can enjoy life more easily. The winter and summer courses gives you the best tools for relaxing. I can really recommend it for everyone!"

Now my daughter also believes in qigong

"My daughter only participated on Saturday, but she really wants to share her experiences. This was her second course. She has a sway-back and twice she has suffered from whiplash injuries in her neck, once from tobogganing and once from horse riding. I wanted to bring her to the qi field because she has been absent from school due to exhaustion, sore throat and bad appetite. At first she was very tired, then she became hungry and had a ravishing appetite for the rest of the day. In the evening she had an appetite for everything, even for things she normally dislikes. Body regulation helped her a lot. When she moved her waist backwards there was this cracking noise, you could almost hear her waist rearranging itself! And then stretching her legs was much easier. She also found the arm movements difficult, but when we were practising them at home, the same cracking noise could be heard and afterwards everything went well. She said she hadn't really believed in qigong before but now she does!"

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm