Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2014-10-11]

About a third of the participants at the autumn course in Shenxin Qigong were beginners. Many of the other participants had attended one or more winter courses, which meant that the beginners got great help when it was time to correct the exercises. The qi-field was strong; both novice and experienced participants got a lot of Qi and a pleasant feeling from the training. Below are some of the participants' comments.

Good for concentration

Shenxin has always been a favorite. It has done wonders with my concentration and relaxation. I am not able to attend the weekend course as often as before but it is a privilege to be able to come. You appreciate it more and more. You can stand here and practice and have a good time and noting is bothering me. It's really lovely.

Improved circulation

It has been a fantastic course. I'm pleased that I've been here. This is my first course in Shenxin and I notice especially that the circulation in my pelvis has increased. I'm really happy.

The cold on the way out

I've been training for six years and have had great results. I had a cold when I got here but it feels better now. I recommend everyone to join the winter course. There you can practice a lot. As always, It's been a very good course.

Getting older but feeling younger

On the way to the course, some of us talked about get older and older but feeling younger and younger because you always get improvements in your body from Qigong. It's really lovely! Previously I had problems with my back but I do not feel it anymore.

Improvements in shoulder

I started training about three years ago and then I had constant back pain. It has gotten better now and Shenxin has helped a lot, especially with the shoulder. A few years ago it felt like one shoulder moved and since then it has become better. I still have pain but it's not the same pain. It has worked a lot in the shoulder during this course. Thanks for fine adjustments.

Great way to deal with stress

I've practiced a few years and Shenxin is my favorite. It fits me perfectly. It is dynamic and powerful. I had a period with a lot of pressure at work. It has been very tough. But on the way here today, I noticed that I see the world a little brighter. Everything feels a little easier. I'm grateful for it. When I join a course it's a bit easier.

Qigong training after bicycle accident

A few years ago I was on a small bicycle accident. I fell off the bike and injured my hand. It was not that serious but I was desperate. I went home and cried. But as I stood and practiced Shenxin, it was incredibly painful to do certain movements, but I decided to be in pain and not repress it. I'm sure it helped me a lot. Otherwise I'm thought that if it hurts you should not do anything but with qigong there is a different philosophy.

Reduced symptoms after burn injury

Recently I happened to burn my hand with steam. There was a sharp pain and I got blisters. It looked like bacon. Horrible! Then I did an extra Shenxin. During this weekend the blisters has shrunk and the scar has become more superficial. One tangible result.

Concentrated and relaxed

What an incredible focus and relaxation you can get when you stand up and do the exercises. I have practiced meditation before, but this was a new experience. I am pleased and look forward to continuing.

Qigong future insurance

I started training when I was 19 and have been training ever since. When I started, I was stiff, wound up and found it hard to concentrate. But because there was not so much wrong with my body, I have not noticed so many physical results, but now I notice that many other people my age start to get problems physically. You notice that their health over the years is getting worse. But of course, I have no immediate worries. I have no pain when I get up and I can do what I want. It's nice to know that one has a pretty good insurance for the future. I hope to keep myself in very good shape for a long time because I started so young. It feels safe and secure.

Rude alert after a tough month

This course came very timely. I had a tough month in September with a big assignment, and on top of that I moved. So the course came at a good time. I already knew yesterday that I was a lot more relaxed, both physically and mentally. I feel really alert after this month. I'll join the Autumn course too and it will give me a good dose of qi for the rest of the fall and winter.

Herbjørn Wilhelmsen