Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pargas [2014-10-16]

The autumn course in Finland has really become a tradition, this year for the seventh consecutive year. The beautiful environment in and around the folk high school in Pargas attracts, as do nice likeminded qigong participants from both Finland and abroad. This year, the long-distance participant apart from Sweden, was from England.

Of course, also the strong qi-field, the powerful training and lectures offered is also factors that help so many devote four full days of practicing Zhineng qigong along with us in the middle of October. For those who have previously only joined a two-day course the autumn course is a chance to try more serious practicing in a strong qi-field of the method they already know. Hopefully it leads to taking the step and join our most prominent course, the summer course, 9 or 18 days. For those who have joined the summer course the training during the autumn course is a chance to remember the strong experience that most people get at our Summer courses.

As usual, the days passed quickly, training in the morning, breakfast, training before lunch mixed with some lectures, which was followed by lunch. In the afternoon, more lectures and training, dinner and training in the evening, along with the whole group and later the possibility to practice on their own. Then a good nights sleep, usually after an evening meal together in harmony. The evaluation on Sunday showed that participants were more than satisfied with the course.

The questionnaire that participants filled out before and after the course yielded the following results.

Graph improvments autumn course 2014

Below are excerpts of participants' comments after the course:

Chronic headaches, etc.

"We always long for you teachers to come here and hold the course. With the help of practicing Zhineng Qigong I got rid of severe chronic headaches. I have also had problems with my knees and have been advised by Mr. Su to practice more and by doing so my knees got better. I have also had problems with asthma and hay fever and it has gotten better every year. I need no medicine anymore."

Back problems

"I had back problems before I started practicing Zhineng Qigong. And the back has improved with the training. Without qigong I would be forced to use a support corset. The training keeps my back in shape. This has been a lovely course and I am happy that I could join this year."

"I started practicing Zhineng Qigong three years ago. I have had a very poor back. After practicing for six months I felt that qigong was the worst thing. It was so tough in the beginning. I have had back pain since I was seventeen. I was very depressed and disappointed because I could not work properly. You do not want to be the one who cannot do what everyone else can do. After I trained for a year and a half it was better, it was less painful. And during this course, I have had less pain than I usually have during a course. I have not had to think about how to move my body so that it should not hurt. I've been thinking that I should relax and not think so much about how I move the body and it has helped me because I have less pain. Thanks for a great course!"

"I am a beginner and attended my first weekend course in early April. I have no special problems. It was my husband who inspired me to try Zhineng Qigong. During this course I have become softer in the back."

"On this course, I felt that something big has relaxed in my back and it feels good."

Autumn course group photo


"Before I came to this course, I felt stressed and tired. During this course my pain disappeared and I have slept well. Thanks for the lectures! It was valuable to learn how to do in order not to lose qi."

"When I came here, I was stressed and had pain in the neck. I slept badly. I knew that this was a result of me having made big changes in my life because of my divorce. To come to the course will help me. Now I feel relieved and relaxed in the body. I have no pain."


"I was tired when I came here. Noticed again that when I practice more I feel good and I feel more alert now. "

"I was tired at the beginning of the course but now I feel good again."

"I came to qigong to get rid of my insomnia. Among other things I noticed which things those are not good for me and I've got the power to make changes. Also, I have been happier and can handle stress better."


"I have arthritis in my knees and ought to go for surgery. When I practiced at home I did not even manage to stand a whole Hold qi up. The muscles around the knee give me the most pain. Here during the course could I stand during all of the exercises and I feel no pain anymore."

"I have had 14 years with neck problems and arthritis in the right shoulder, which is operated. With Qigong has come about with much improvements and changes to the better. "


"I have experienced improvement on all levels especially with my balance during this course."

Chronic migraine

"I have had chronic migraines and already thought that I had to quit my research job. But after I began practicing qigong I have become so good that I can live again without restrictions. Recently a tough thing happened in my life, but thanks to this course I can recover very quickly."

Stretching the arm

"By practicing qigong, I feel more real and alive and I get better everyday life to work and can receive help at times. Before this course I had a pre-stretch the right arm and could not lift it. But now it is working fine and it does not hurt anymore."


Lars Hagner