Hold qi up Stockholm [2014-09-21]

This autumn's first Hold Qi up course in Stockholm was unusually well attended. I was also fun that so many of the participants joined his course for the very first time. The East Asian Museum's beautiful auditorium was where we were holding the course. Outside the fantastic sunny and beautiful late summer weather shared the days with us. The surrounding on Skeppsholmen was lovely, with water all around us. The course passed smoothly, the new learned quickly with good help from those with more experience. The atmosphere was friendly and good, the qi-field really strong.

Repetition is helping when learning

A really good course. I am very happy because I have a friend with me here for the first time. I have practiced for many years. It's always good to join a course. Joinning the course again and again helps you do the movements better and better.

I sometimes think that I am asking silly questions and I that ask things I already know, but sometimes it feels like I need to get repeated what I already know to really understand. That is why I like the lectures, I get to know again what I certainly need to know.

Qigong in the everyday life

After I have joined a course I sleep all night otherwise I usually wake up sometime during the night.

I get better for each year of practising qigong. My condition just gets better and better. I will be a lively 100 year old when that day comes.

I practice because I notice that I feel good doing it. It has helped me with my high blood pressure.

I like to practisse something combines the physical with the mental. I want to get away from the stress and I think therefore that I should learn this.

Back trouble

I started training about 3 years ago because of serious problems with pain in back and neck. I was in constant pain. It affect my consentration and my mood considerably. During the worst period parts of the back became numb. The numbness is now completely gone, and when I am in pain, I can work out so that it gets better. Previously it was the pain that controlled my life. Now I can take back control with the help of practicing qigong.

I have back problems and go to a physiotherapist and I am working out at a gym to keep the pain away. I do not think the training is so good, I can not keep up with the pace at the gym. It is difficult to cope with the tempo and I do not think it is so good with that tempo for me when I have pain problems. I think this exercise is good. I think this will be good for me.

Lars Hagner