Summer course two Nossebro [2014-07-02]

This year our qi-field has improved considerably. This gave a noticeable effect when we did our exercises during summer course two. The training was stable and powerful during the whole course. Quite many of the participants have now learned how to use the qi-field by themselves. Furthermore, we were able to increase the amount of training compared to previous years. We practised more Dun Chiang as well as Xing Shen Zhuang.

We also noticed that a number of participants who previously only had participated in summer course one, moved on to join course two this year. Many participants said they managed to increase their Gung Fu and improve their health. That was of course a nice way to celebrate our anniversary. This summer was the 20th summer in a row that we arranged our summer courses. In honor of this jubilee we were offered two exciting surprises. One of them was a qi-comb together with a special course on how to use it, called qi-comb regulation. This special comb, in combination with the simple method, can help us tranquilize our minds and open our meridians. The other one was a very beautiful and skillfully crafted qi-calligraphy that by now is decorating the homes of our participants where it spreads qi and well-being.

All in all the participants were very pleased. The training was good as well as the results that the participants got from doing the exercises. There also was a very nice social interaction between old and new participants and the spirits were high during the whole course. When the course came to an end and it was time to say goodbye, a lot of participants promised each other that they would meet again next year.
This year's survey showed that 65 % of the participants got an increased energy level during the course, 64 % had become less stressed and 63 % felt that their physical status had improved.


Some of the participants' comments can be found below:

Others experiences

"I'm very grateful for all these small conversations you get from people that strengthen you when you have a dip. How you should think to keep going. I have received such very valuable conversations with experienced qigong-people who have told me how they were thinking and about their experience. It has strengthened me and helped me get through the toughest stuff."

Qigong restart produced improved sleep and less pains

"I've had a break for 11 years for different reasons. In the winter I had such terrible sleeping problems. So I tested yoga, but it didn't work. Then I thought that qigong is my last way out. I will take that up again. And the fact of the matter is that I sleep much better at night. And I've slept really, really well here, even though I've only slept 4-5 hours. At home that would be completely impossible. I'm very happy that I found my way back to qigong. I will definitely continue. When I came here I had terrible stomach pains. They disappeared after just a couple of days. Now something is happening in my neck and back. It's an ongoing process and I feel it's really important for me to start my practice tonight. Thank you very much."

Osteoarthritis disappeared

"I have problems with my joints and things have happened there. I cannot detect osteoarthritis in my neck anymore. It's just muscle tension that you get when you sit and work with a computer. My wrists, I've had so very much trouble with them. I had a great osteoarthritis lump here on the right hand, right wrist. It is gone. I can almost turn my wrists upside down here in the movement above the head. Look! It was not possible before. Already during the last course I noticed that I could sit and support myself with my hands behind me on the floor. I have not been able to do that for many, many years. It has worked a lot in the hips and the tensions in the right leg I still have, but it's much better."

Group picture Nossebro 2014 summer course

Fights side effects with qigong

"In the year 2004 I had breast cancer surgery. I have ever since been in contact with the hospital. This year I have been discharged, so to speak. Afterwards I had to take anti-estrogen pills, which usually make you start sweating violently and which result in stiffness and so. But this has not happened to me. I have not been extra stiff and I have not had these hot flashes that you should get. It also affects bone mass and bone density. But the doctor looked at me and said, "You have surprisingly strong bones. It is strange; you should be much weaker when you have taken these medicines." When I got this disease, I decided to do what the doctors said. I think they have been very professional. But I would then say to all who encounter this, and who have to take these pills, to practise qigong. It seems to be good. I have friends who have suffered the same illness, and they talk about how terrible sweats they have had and how stiff they have become. I try to gently say "qigong", but that message does not come through."

Fractured elbow almost completely ok

"After the first course I mentioned that I had come here with a fracture in one elbow. I fell off my bike and injured a radial head in the elbow. At the last course, it disappeared so that I could straighten my arm completely. And now during this course as it has gradually become softer and softer. All exercises have come in the right order so that I was able to do all the exercises. It's has felt pretty nice. Sometimes it has felt as if I was stabbed and I have had some pain. But I have almost full movement back. It is only in one movement that it hurts a little. But it is only a matter of time before it will disappear."

Reducing weight and achieving goals

"During this last year much has happened both physically and mentally. I have lost 35 kg in weight, so I have had to learn all the qigong movements again with my new body. It was like 40 centimeters had disappeared around the waist, so this movement suddenly went really fast. I can stand up straight, I can breathe and I reach down to the floor. I have learned a lot mentally in this process. Basically the reason why I wanted to lose weight was qigong. I was so tired of not being able to reach down to the floor. It was my big stomach that prevented me. So for qigong, I would lose weight. Then I set my goal and it was such an easy process. It was so fascinating to see how easy it was once I had made up my mind. Then I thought that it could be used for other things in life. You set yourself a goal and then just achieve it."

2014 training picture

Taking care of her own health

"I had a chest surgery and went to my first check-up to show how high I could lift my arms. The doctor just looked at me and wondered what I had done, because I used to barely be able to lift them. But I had been doing qigong and moved my arms more a little by little. I have had back problems since I was 17 and went to a chiropractor every now and then. But then they said the reason for my problems was wear. My physical therapist said that there was nothing they can do; I will have to live with it. Then I went to my chiropractor and said here you get your last chance. No problem, we'll fix it. Then I went to a physiotherapist a few times and I practised qigong. Since then I have not been there. Every time I've had mishaps, stumbled, I've gone home and practised qigong, and it has passed. So now it's over four years since I saw my physical therapist or my chiropractor. Before I had to see them many times a year and yet I still was in pain. Fourteen days before I was to come here something happened. I do not know what I did, I did not notice anything, but I was in so much pain. I could not walk. It cut like knives here in the groin. And then I thought: I'll call the chiropractor or physical therapist. But I figured since I'm going to a qigong course, it will sort itself out. And so it has. I felt a little pain the first course, but now during this course I have not felt anything. So then I was spared that!"

Stronger muscle and improved digestion

"A lot has happened in all courses where I have been, and this course I feel that there has been a further major improvement. There has been much activity in my body. I start to get back some feeling there and I also seem increase the circulation in my legs, particularly in my injured right foot where I usually have intense pain. Another improvement is that I have gotten firmer muscles in my legs. The muscle disease I suffer from causes the muscle cells to break down and blend with connective tissue and fat cells, which makes the muscles soft and weak. It feels as if the muscles of the legs are firmer now and more in general that I have gained strength. Yesterday we went round and my legs carry me better. My body has been rebuilt over the past year. I also have better control of my arms, which I notice when for example drinking a glass of water. One more thing I would like to mention is that I tolerate sugar better. The body generally seems to absorb nutrients more efficiently, which reduces my sensitivity to sugar-containing foods. I'll be fine now with half as much food. My sensitivity for cell phones has also decreased. Finally my problems with menstrual pain are less in this course. I have become calmer and look forward to making more improvements. A friend of mine and I make TV documentaries and I dream of making feature films in the future."

Less pain and reduced doses of insulin

"I have longed for this course. This past year, I have had some physical ailments, such as a sprained foot, and even some job-related injuries, primarily a strained wrist. I'm not used to having pain every day and I have had to learn to accept that my body may restrict me at times. That is something I have worked with. My wrists have improved this course and I hope to go to work without pain in the arms and wrists this coming autumn. Even some old injuries have manifested themselves during the course, so I think some healing activity is going on there as well. On this course I have been hungry, which I otherwise never am. It was a great feeling. I have diabetes and it has gone up and down, but I have been able to lower my night insulin doses by 50-70 percent. When I wake up in the morning I'm either a little low when it comes to my blood sugar levels, but more often I am at the right level. It's pretty rare that these levels are more or less correct nine months in a row. A result that makes me very happy is that I have found the key to doing Dun Chiang. Previously, I had trouble with Dun Chiang, but yesterday I did 300 as I practised together with some others. When we took a swim, it felt like I was breathing through my back. It was as if a void opened up where the light came into. Since then it has gone better with both La Qi and arm training."

Feels stronger and understands more about the Qi-field

"The most important thing has been that I have begun to feel much stronger. A lot has happened throughout the body, mainly the head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The training has given me some revelations, e.g. when we practise La Qi. I've felt so tranquil that I have started to understand more about the relationship between the body, the mind and the qi-field. It was a nice experience."

2014 blommor

No migraine, straighter och less allergic

"The course has been good and I have felt a tremendous pressure in the training. It was as if there is a constant fire under my feet. I have previously had problems with migraines and have for the first time been able to practise Xing Shen Zhuang without explosive reactions in my head. Sometimes I have felt a little but it has since gone over quickly. I look forward to continuing to practise this method. I have become straighter in the neck. Another result is that I've discovered that I have been able to eat sprouts, which I was very allergic to."

I do not need painkiller or sleeping pills

"I started training 2 years ago and when I look back over the last two years, a lot has happened. I just get fitter and healthier and have less pain. If I feel any pain I just do a Hold qi up, which reduces the pain. Today I take no painkillers and no sleeping pills, no medications at all. I've joined both the first and the second course and quite quickly during the first course I got results. I have for some months had problems breathing freely and was I was very tired, more than usual. Doctors have examined it, taken x-rays of the lungs and taken lots of test. One moment I was allergic and the next it was something else. They did not know what it was. Here during the first course I got as a pretty strong reaction during one day and then my problems disappeared."

2014 Summer course Nossebro

Reduced back pain and better Dun chiang

"I started practising 2.5 years ago. This is my third summer course. I started practising because of my partner, who started before me. Since I was 17 years old I have had increasing back pain. Before I started practising qigong I had pain from the instant I woke up until I went to bed. In order to be able to fall asleep my tactic was to sleep only a few hours so that I was so tired that I would fall to sleep easily, otherwise I could not fall asleep at all because of the pain. It was not such a nice time. The last time it got worse was when my back started to go numb. By then I had already been in pain for several years. I have my routines to deal with the pain, but gradually these methods became less and less effective. For example, lying on the floor used to result in pain relief. That was before I got this numb feeling in the back. Then nothing helped. This was the moment when I started to practise qigong and after that I have steadily feeling better. The numb feeling disappeared pretty fast. In the beginning I did not think it was qigong because I did not like to practise. During my first weekend course it was painful to just stand up, but now I can stand for hours with only some short breaks in between. I've become quite a bit happier. It is easier to live when you are not in pain all the time. More concretely during this course, I have not been able to go all the way down in Dun chiang because I have an old injury in my calf. I came down just a bit before it was stopping me. I've done Dun chiang every night at our own training hours and yesterday I was able to come down all the way without support. There is a big difference and I am very pleased. I get some bigger margins for each course and I can do more stuff before the pain is stopping me."

Su Dongyue