Hold Qi Up Trondheim [2014-05-24]

One of the participants has got two sizes smaller feet.
Bronchitis, back pain and cold disappeared.

"It feels like being at the Summer Course", said some of the participants repeating the course.

Comments from the course


"I am experiencing myself as well being. However, I have been looking for something that can help my husband. Then this happened to me: When I came home after the 1st day of class, I had a lot of energy. I baked a cake and put up curtains."

Have got a kick

"Very satisfied. Lovely group. Have got a kick."

Less distracting thoughts

"I am so happy to be here at this Zhineng Qigong course. Have got a real energy boost. I am now able to filter out distracting thoughts, and release them much faster. My body has become softer and stronger."


"I have got more contact with myself now.I am grateful for the corrections. I have travelled a lot over the past year and a half, so it is important to exercise Zhineng Qigong consistently,and to repeat."

Warmth inside

"It is good to be here. I needed a refill of energy and I now feel warmth inside, just like the Summer course."

Back pain and cold disappeared

"It is inspiring to see the other course members prosper. When I arrived here, I had a cold and a sore back from a mountain trip. I thought: Maybe I can get rid off these particular issues? So it happened."

Smaller feet

"This year I have lost weight, and my feet are now two sizes smaller."

Hold qi up Trondheim

Bronchitis disappeared

"I was very stressed and tired at work before I arrived here. The day before the course I got bronchitis. Ordinarily it takes 2 - 3 weeks to recover. Friday - during the lecture – my chest begun to 'bubble' - like a sparkling water bottle, - just like my stay at the Summer course. Then the bronchitis disappeared."

Ingrid Tidemann