Summercourse one Nossebro [2014-06-23]

This year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our 9-day summer courses. In 1995 a course was arranged in Gothenburg and another one on Åland. The year after, in 1996, a level 2 course was arranged, making it possible to participate in 18 days in a row. Through the years thousands of people who are interested in qigong have chosen to practise at least 9 days with us.

What is it that makes all those people prioritise our summer courses? One reason is our main teacher, Su Dongyue. Finding a good teacher has always been very important if one wants to develop and reach one’s potential with the help of qigong. The teacher is also decisive for the strength and quality of the qi-field.  Our strong qi-field is one of the main reasons that so many come to the summer courses. It has built up during the many years that the European Zhineng Qigong has been active in Sweden and other parts of the Nordic countries and is getting stronger every year. This year some participants who had not joined the course for many years all stated that the qi-field was much stronger now than when they participated previously. The participants’ understanding is also considerably higher today than before and many seize the qifield’s opportunities and possibilities to a much higher degree.  A lot of training is done on the participants’ own initiative and the harmony and serenity in the training hall have improved considerably. All this is reflected in the results of those who join our 9-day courses. Despite the relatively short time we practise together many have impressive improvements, both physically and mentally. In the chart below one can see how many have experienced improvements regarding a number of specific problem areas, based on the participants’ own observations in a survey filled in just before and just after the course.

The social sense of community and togetherness is also an important factor. Getting the possibility to meet so many happy and harmonious people is highly appreciated by the participants. The atmosphere is very special and consideration and love for others characterises social life at the courses.

Here are some examples of what the participants wrote about the course in their evaluation of the course:

"Thanks for a super course!"

"The course is very calm both under training and in the rooms.It’s been six years since I last joined the summer course, feels great to be back! Nossebro is a nice place for the course."

"Thank you for an amazing course, warmth, care and humanity."

"Thank you for a great course. Thanks to all of you that work so hard to arrange these courses. Thanks for great food and wonderful atmosphere. Thank you mr Su, I'm so grateful and thankful. Thanks for all your words and wisdom, thanks for giving me my life back."

"The course has given me a tool for a better life, and good relations and a sense of community. A great thanks to mr Su and to all of you that are responsible for arranging the course."

"An amazing course! I have gotten very good results, physically and mentally. Thank you and see you soon!"

"The lectures from Su Dongyue have been so inspiring and I have received a lot of motivation and therefor been able to concentrate better during the training. I feel lots of gratitude for the qi-field and for Su Dongyue. Thank you for all the good information, organization, kindness, care and Love."

"This is better than the World championships or the Olympics, 170 persons support each and every one. Thank you!"

Nossebro is a small town in Västergötland and has become a favourite for many of those who practise qigong with us. The quiet atmosphere is a perfect setting for our training and we feel very much at home in the school buildings where we live. This year, 170 participants attended the course, four of which came from the United Kingdom.  As usual our education and training was provided by our main teacher Su Dongyue. More and more people realise how unique this is. Last year’s novelty, circle qi regulation, was also this year one of the participant’s favourites. As we celebrated our 20th anniversary this year,  Su Dongyue also had prepared some special surprises that can help us in daily life. Both the qi-comb course and the calligraphy were received with joy and gratitude.


"This is my first summer course. Three days before coming here I went to the dentist and had quite a big procedure in a molar. I had such a terrible pain in the nerves. It was so bad that I thought I could not leave. But I knew that is what I must do. But two days ago it disappeared for good. Now it's gone. I am finished with it."

Stomach ache

"My reason to come to this course was that I had terrible pain in my stomach; it felt as if knives were stung right into my body. I have practised since last March and already after the first day (in March) the pain started to disappear. During the three months prior to the course I had been lying at home, not being able to do much. The first three days of this course I was very tired, but after that I experienced how it felt to feel fine again. For the first time the body felt as one whole again instead of eight different parts. I realized I have some other physical problems as well. But now I am much straighter, my shoulders are more relaxed…and I have longer arms. I feel very happy and calm."


"I enjoyed the course and I am happy. The last 5-6 years I have been very stressed and constantly felt the stress in my body. But now it has been released!"

Pollen allergy

"I have had pollen allergy since I was very young. I have medication but this has not helped me very much. On the contrary, I rather get tired, irritated and dehydrated. When I started to practise more and joined the Shenxin Qigong-course my allergy problems completely disappeared. Last spring I was very stressed and I did not practise in a regular way, so I got problems with my allergy again. Having a runny nose takes a lot of energy as one never knows when it happens. I try to practise some La Qi and then it feels better about half an hour. After a couple of days all problems had disappeared."

Swelling and pain in the hand

"I had a huge swelling in one of my hands and there was talk of surgery to remove unnecessary tissue after the summer. Now the swelling is almost gone, so now I do not need any surgery. I have facial pain on both sides. Then it felt as if the pain was running down and I said goodbye to the pain. I hope now that it's gone, it does not hurt anymore."

Nerve pain and balance problems

"I am very happy that I can use the standing posture and practise a longer time than before. My main problems are balance and nerve damage. Yesterday the nerve pain in my feet was gone for a while. I could use my muscle power to keep my balance and that went well. Today I decided not to give up practicing Hold Qi Up with six repeats despite the fact that my nerve pain had come back. I don’t feel my feet and experience a pain that can be compared with pieces of glass that are pressed into my knees, pelvis and parts of my back. I am angry at the pain, but I realize I have made progress after all, and I am sure I can do it. It is still hard to relax but I don’t surrender and step by step it will release. It is the mental state one can work with if the body does not want to co-operate. I feel confident that qigong is good for me and that I can get better by practising the method. I am reluctant to say it out loud but I have a vision of walking with a cane in a blueberry forrest."

MS, hernia

"Yesterday I talked about MS and how I have coped with this illness. Now I do not think of my disease in daily life. One of my goals when I came to this course was to get improvements in my back. I was very irritated that I would have to suffer from a hernia after having dealt with an illness such as MS. And there have been other challenges as well. Last October my doctor said it would take 2-5 years to get rid of the pain in my back. This made me decide to try to cope with it until the summer course and use the training to make everything in order. A couple of days ago everything was OK! I have practised the whole year, attended courses and focused on my back. Despite work and everything else in life. Qigong is my tool to improve the life. It has also been a great experience to be so calm and at the same time be so awake during the course. There are still some parts of my body that hurt, also emotionally, but not for a long time, and the reactions pass quickly."


"Three things have happened. I had such a headache when I came here and I longed to practise, so I practised on my own immediately after the lecture. And the headache disappeared. Then I congratulated myself for coming here. I felt such resistance to get here. Really great resistance. But I won and I'm very happy now, because I feel for the first time that I am calmer and have felt very good this course. There is a huge difference compared to other courses that I have attended. Since the day before yesterday, I had a lot pain in my body, everywhere. My shoulder was really tense and I wished in the circle qiregulation that I would get rid of the pain, and I did. Now I am very soft and pleasant in the body. I enjoy myself here. Thank you very much."

Fractured elbow

"This course has been different for me. Two weeks ago, before the course, I fell with my bike and fractured my arm, the radius head in the elbow. I went to the emergency room about five o'clock, and then I came home at three o'clock in the night. Then I did la qi, because the elbow was stuck in the la qi position. I used Mr. Su’s new album. Then I went to sleep. After that, to get ready for the summer course, I've been at home with my mother practising dun qiang every day and a lot of La Qi, as well. I notice clearly that if I did dun qiang, then the arm straightened out very much. So it was almost straight, just a little bent, after a week. And yesterday I discovered that I can completely straighten my arm. My elbow had felt very heavy, it has felt like a brick in there. That has completely disappeared, so now it feels light."


"Backache has been a big part of my life story, I can tell you. A few years ago I started practising qigong in Lund and then I heard about the summer course. It was Gaby and Lars who told me about it and I said "No way, never!" Then suddenly something in my head went: "Maybe, why not." "No, I dare not, no no no." But as I told Gaby that in the worst case, I can of course go home. She said, "You will not go home." Now I'm here anyway with my back. Things have happened. I know that I can walk more straight. But there is one little detail that shows what has happened. When you come into the women's locker room there is a bench where you put shoes and stuff. You have to step over it. And before I have to hold something , but now I just take the step without holding on to something and I feel confident when I take that step. And then I know that I have taken huge steps in several different ways. And I will fight on. And I also thank you very much for this course."

Diabetes, blood pressure medicine

"For the first time in many years I am now without blood pressure medicine. I'll go and check with the doctor in August. I have had diabetes, but it is gone. I've been practising diligently. On the course, I have also worked hard to improve my standing. I have periodontitis and have managed to keep it under control. But when I was at the dentist last spring,  he looked at the x-rays from last year and said, "Is this really the same person?" All the swelling had diminished. About this course, I must say it has been incredibly good and I'm very grateful. I still have difficulties to stand but I feel there is something that's starting to happen in my waist and I'm very excited to see what happens now in second course. Thanks to all!"

Pain, chronic nerve damage

"Two years ago I was badly injured in my back. The doctors decided to do surgery on me. After the surgery the pain in my back increased so they decided to do another operation. The pain was still there so I got the diagnosis chronic nerve damage. The doctor told me I would never be ok again. This April I attended a course in hold qi up in Stockholm. On Monday after the course I could stop taking my painkillers. After about two weeks I didn’t take any pills at all. Earlier I could only walk five to six hundred meter at a maximum and in May I walked "Göteborgsvarvet", it is 21km long."

Vericsose veins, blood pressure

"I have had varicose all over my legs and now they where gone. I could not believe my own eyes. I have always wore pants because it did not like how it looked. My blood pressure that used to be to high has returned to normal."

Cat allergy

"I have been allergic to cats for may years, and for this reason my cats have lived with my parents. It was like getting a cold and sore throat when meeting and touching cats. When we had half a day off, I visited my parents. I cuddled the cats, lifted them to my face and petted them. In the car back to Nossebro my father suddenly said: "I thought you were allergic to cats." I was very surprised, I hadn't noticed that I did not get an allergic reaction by being near the cats. Back in Nossebro I met three cats around the practice hall and I didn't get any allergic reaction at all."


"One good result this year is that I no longer need earplugs when sleeping. It is nice to experience, I never thought I would experience it. I started practising qigong the autumn 2010. I was in a very poor condition. I had a very sever migraine of five days seizures and several of those every month. I had head ache in between, pain in my head and shoulders. I was very afraid of what would happen. I took inhibitor drugs that did not help me. When I started to practise I became slowly better and better. And now during this course when people asked me how I was I answered that I was well and not sick. Later I realised that it was in fact true and that I am not sick anymore, I have not had any seizures at all during the spring and now when I get migraine the  seizures is short and I do not need to lay down. I count that as healthy and well. That is fantastic to notice and that I can say it is fantastic. Thanks"

Neck and back pain

"I have had problems with my neck and right shoulder for 14 years. I have three bulging vertebrae in the spine penetrating in hop nerve pathways in the back. My right shoulder was worn out. I have operated it once and it is coming closer to another operation. I am a beginner. Me and my wife have practised for about 2 months now. My wife could not come here, but she thought I should try it. I had no idea how hard it would be, during the first days I could only do a couple of arm movements, but from around the middle of last week I could do all the arm movements. I've actually managed to keep up with all the movements. It has been fantastic. Over the past three years, I have gotten asthma, high blood pressure and type two diabetes. It meant that I decided when I was 60 that I would retire. I took it easy for about a year and I went down about 10kg in weight and it has improved my readings. What I want to say about this course is that it has given me a lot, a lot of support for my neck and much lowered pain. Thanks."


Su Dongyue